Hong Kong Airline Halts Ticket Sales to Auckland



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Troubled Hong Kong Airlines has halted ticket sales to Auckland, casting doubt on another of its long-haul destinations as its bid to challenge Cathay Pacific Airways crumbles.

In the first sign it may pull out of New Zealand, the carrier, backed by China’s debt-burdened HNA Group, stopped selling tickets for non-stop flights to the country’s biggest city in recent days.

The airline declined to comment pending an announcement, understood to be planned for Thursday.

Financial concerns, questions from authorities over its money problems, debt repayment fears – since overcome – an exodus of top management and directors and lawsuits linked to the company have placed the carrier under scrutiny for months.



Ed 5 mths ago

Ed 5 mths ago
Hong Kong Airlines pulls out of Auckland dealing blow to travel industry

Hong Kong Airlines will quit flying to Auckland from near the end of May.

The airline says it is ''making adjustments'' to its business strategy to better respond to market forces and operational conditions.

''Hong Kong Airlines will discontinue its services between Hong Kong and Auckland from May 22,'' said a spokeswoman this afternoon.

The airline will join budget airline Air AsiaX, in pulling out of Auckland this year. That airline quit flying across the Tasman this month and the loss of another carrier will be a blow to travellers as competition is reduced.


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Hong Kong Airlines sued for HK$150 million in unpaid fees for rented aeroplanes

It is second civil suit carrier has faced in a month

Company says it ‘has no impact on our business and we are operating as normal’


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Exclusive: HNA-Linked Hong Kong Airlines Seeks $255 Million From Backers To Keep License – Sources

HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong Airlines shareholders have demanded to see 2018 accounts before considering providing at least HK$2 billion ($255 million) needed to ensure the carrier – part owned by the indebted HNA Group – keeps its license, two sources said.

The demand came at a tense extraordinary shareholder meeting last week and at which former majority owner HNA did not speak at all, the sources said of the discussion, which has not previously been reported.


Ed 3 mths ago

Ed 3 mths ago
More than 100 employees have left troubled Hong Kong Airlines in past three months but carrier insists few departures were through compulsory job cuts


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