Airbnb Causing Global Homeless Crisis



Posted by Ed 6 mths ago
Dublin’s landlords would rather put their properties on Airbnb than rent to local families. There are echoes in cities around the world.

30,000 empty homes and nowhere to live: inside Dublin’s housing crisis

The room Jenny Quinn shares with her 10-year-old son is about 10 sq metres, kitted out with the most basic furniture and dominated by what looks like a prison-issue metal bunkbed on which they both sleep. There is a small en suite bathroom; behind a heavy wooden shutter, the window looks out on to a bare expanse of concrete.

“He’s in drama therapy in school, for anxiety,” she tells me. “He cries a lot. He doesn’t believe in Santy [Father Christmas] any more. He’s not an angry child, but he’s lonely: he’s so, so lonely. There’s no kids his age here: they’re all babies. The PlayStation’s his best friend, because he can get on that headset and talk to his friends from school. That’s it.”

For want of a flat with a secure tenancy, the two of them have lived here for almost two years, in what the Irish government calls a “hub”: a residential centre for homeless families, of a kind introduced in 2017. This one is run by a housing association called Respond, and is the temporary home of about 35 adults – most of them single women – and their children.

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