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The Intellectual Dark Web Rises : "Truth cannot be Buried !"

(Back in January - here's what it was):
What is The Intellectual Dark Web?

"A few months ago, Eric Weinstein came up with the phrase 'Intellectual Dark Web' to describe this eclectic mix of people from Harris to Shapiro to Weinstein to Petersen, who are figuring out ways to have the important and often dangerous conversations that are completely ignored by the mainstream."


OffThePeak 9 mths ago
Things have moved on... just a bit

The Dark Web was discovered by the NY Times in early May

“People are starved for controversial opinions,” said Joe Rogan, an MMA color commentator and comedian who hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the country. “And they are starved for an actual conversation.”

Episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which have featured many members of the I.D.W., can draw nearly as big an audience as Rachel Maddow. (Why anyone would watch the annoying, lying, leftwing lez-being is beyond me.)

/ the following video was made May 17, 2018 /
The Intellectual Dark Web: What's Next?

Dave responds to The New York Times article "Meet the Renegades of The Intellectual Dark Web" by Bari Weiss, and introduces 3 new Rubin Report rules


THE RENEGADES (per a NYT journo)

The closest thing to a phone book for the I.D.W. is a sleek website that lists the dramatis personae of the network, including Mr. Harris; Mr. Weinstein and his brother and sister-in-law, the evolutionary biologists Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying; Jordan Peterson, the psychologist and best-selling author; the conservative commentators Ben Shapiro and Douglas Murray; Maajid Nawaz, the former Islamist turned anti-extremist activist; and the feminists Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers. But in typical dark web fashion, no one knows who put the website up.

The core members have little in common politically. Bret and Eric Weinstein and Ms. Heying were Bernie Sanders supporters. Mr. Harris was an outspoken Hillary voter. Ben Shapiro is an anti-Trump conservative.

Beyond Molyneux, the list should have StyxHexenHammer, Bill Whittle, Mike Chernovich, ... and more...

Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Lauren Southern....

(to be fair, the NYT article DID mention Ms. Owens):

as the members of the Intellectual Dark Web become genuinely popular, they are also coming under more scrutiny. On April 21, Kanye West crystallized this problem when he tweeted seven words that set Twitter on fire: “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.”

Candace Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA, is a sharp, young, black conservative — a telegenic speaker with killer instincts who makes videos with titles like “How to Escape the Democrat Plantation” and “The Left Thinks Black People Are Stupid.” Mr. West’s praise for her was sandwiched inside a longer thread that referenced many of the markers of the Intellectual Dark Web, like the tyranny of thought policing and the importance of independent thinking. He was photographed watching a Jordan Peterson video.

All of a sudden, it seemed, the I.D.W. had broken through to the culture-making class, and a few in the group flirted with embracing Ms. Owens as their own.


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The IDW Legend Begins

Following the death of Truth in the mainstream media, a small band of renegades assumes responsibility for revealing and protecting the Truth and is subsequently hunted & de-platformed by the fading, but still influential Lie Stream Media.... The Dark Web rises to protect a country and a planet whose so-called leaders have tried to brand the Truth-tellers as the enemy.

OffThePeak 9 mths ago
NIALL F. gives a good definition here

IDW: is anyone speaking out against Politically Correct beliefs, that will be de-platformed at some point
Niall Ferguson on the Intellectual Dark Web and the Culture War (Pt. 1)

( Guess what, Ferguson is married to THIS brilliant woman):

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Dave Rubin on Political Islam, Sharia Law, and “Islamophobia” (Full Interview)

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Is America Ready for Kinder, Gentler Political TV?

William F. Buckley’s genteel talk show seems hopelessly out of step with today's debates. Its revival is betting on that for its success.

Asked once if his long-running public affairs show “Firing Line” and his National Review magazine were prosperous ventures, William F. Buckley Jr. replied, “You don’t expect the Catholic Church to turn a profit, do you?” Now, the Catholic Church is not hurting for operating funds, and it might seem silly to imply otherwise. Buckley’s point was that some endeavors are undertaken for the public good, because you simply think they are the right thing to do.

Buckley came from a moneyed family and profited from his books, speaking engagements and syndicated columns. But his TV show was a labor of love. In the service of standing up for conservative thought, Buckley began “Firing Line” in 1966 to stage thoughtful confrontations between left and right. He forged a respectable face for conservatism at a moment when the Republican Party still included a healthy liberal wing, and extremists like the John Birch Society dominated the right’s public perception. On “Firing Line,” Buckley staked a claim for witty, urbane, sophisticated conservatism. A proper right-winger, in his mind, opposed government regulation and heavy taxes on the wealthy. The notion that the fluoridation of water was a communist conspiracy was stuff and nonsense.

On June 2, PBS is scheduled to begin broadcasting its reboot of the show, with Margaret Hoover as host. Hoover, a minor figure in the George W. Bush administration and the great-granddaughter of the Republican president of the same name, has until now been a supporting player in the cable-news universe of conservative talking heads.

So why now? Televised political discussion was contentious before the election of Donald J. Trump, and it has only gotten worse since. A new “Firing Line” could be an opportunity for both left and right to lower the volume and talk things through.

> More:

While the country awaits the Lie Stream's efforts to deliver genuine debate...

The people shift over to the Intellectual Dark Web - online

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The IDW-type conversation very quickly got over 1 Million views

They actually Discuss the Intellectual Dark Web starting at 35 minutes.

Joe: "There's a Lack of Reality!... They are pretending..."
Ben: "We (the IDW people) are a group that doesn't like groups."

What caused the IDW to start growing? It was a reaction to Dis-Honesty.
Sunday Special Ep 4: Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro


Published on Jun 3, 2018
Joe Rogan joins Ben on this episode of the Sunday Special, where they take a deep dive into the subjects of gender identity, celebrity worship, and Roseanne's sudden implosion.

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The Real Question, for "Progressives": What are you Progressing Towards?
Great opening remark by Dave Rubin here
Dave Rubin | Full Q&A | Oxford Union
Identity Politics: "The single biggest threat to the West"?

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IDW : The Discussion Continues

JDP : "May arguments are better, sharper" (thanks to debate)
Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Eric Weinstein, and Dave Rubin

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This is REMARKABLE ! 1.2 Million views in less than two days.

There must be such a strong hunger for the Truths revealed here

Joe Rogan Experience #1139 - Jordan Peterson

GO TO 2;27 - to really Understand this TAKEOFF of Long Form conversation

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