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POSTED BY Ed (8 mths ago)
Ministry of Truth (MOT): hmmm.... there's a problem with auto sales --- they are faltering --- incentives are not helping to move inventories... we are F876ed if this continues.... I know -- let's go sub-sub prime on this --- all the bums are already driving around in new cars --- so let's get the mega bums better credit scores so they can qualify for new cars and other credit lines....

How should we do that? Let's just eliminate a few things that are dragging down their FICO scores... Yes let's do that.. Ok done.

One problem --- we can't say that we did this because we are desperate --- that would scare the sheeple.... so what can we do?

We spin it as a positive --- we say we are doing this because the old methodology was not fair --- nobody should have a black mark on the credit rating --- it's not fair!!! -- it hurts their job chances... it makes it difficult to rent an apartment - buy a car --- and so on ....

But they are bums - that is why their credit rating is so low - won't people figure this out?

No --- people will not figure it out --- because they are sheeple --- they will think what we tell them to think...

Just like what this 'journalist' says

Now we must contact all the most respected MSM and tell them to publish these lies... I mean this spin ... um I mean propaganda.... ah what was I thinking --- they must publish this TRUTH!

In a move that is likely to boost many people's credit scores, all three major U.S. personal credit monitoring firms are going to remove tax liens and civil judgments from credit reports.

Having a credit report with less black marks and better scores not only means a higher chance of getting a loan, but also a higher likelihood of success in everything between renting a home and landing a job.

The latest omission of negative information from the compilation of FICO scores comes in response to regulatory concerns, according to the Journal. Since 2015, the three credit-reporting firms have reached settlements with more than 30 states over practices including handling of errors. Since then, some information unrelated to loans, like gym memberships and traffic tickets, have been struck off credit reports.

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