Renaissance Colleage v.s. Shatin Junior School

Posted by Miclint 14 yrs ago
Do any one have kid(s) studying in either or both of the captioned schools? Could compare the strengths of them? Thank you in advance for your advice as I am considering to put my child to either of them.

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namaste 14 yrs ago
Renaissance - your child will have to go through testing to gain entrance. Tests are in English, maths and creative writing. They also have a couple of interviews and their results are presented to the Year head who makes the decision. It's quite a process as they are very particular about the type of student that they accept.

Shatin jr - kids are not tested, but are placed in a group with other kids and are given an activity to complete while being monitored. It's quite casual.

My daughter was accepted into both schools and we felt that Renaissance would better suit her. My son was in Shatin college, which was becoming quite overcrowded. I find the students have a strong curiousity and inquisitiveness of learnign at Renaissance. They seem to approach their studies in such a mature manner. During lunch and recess, you can see kids on the playground on their laptops and reading books. My daughter has started doing her homework in the library during lunchtime (something I never thought would cross her mind)!

Good luck in your decision!

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Miclint 14 yrs ago
Dear namaste,

Thanks so much for your sharing. May I learn further that why did you think Renaissance better suit your daughter? How old are your kids? Have you ever consider changing your son to Renaissance? What are the advantages Shatin Junior has over Renaissance that you can observe? How about the Chinese language weighting at Shatin Junior v.s. Renaissance?

I should be grateful to your further sharing.

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