R66 Wanchai



POSTED BY kerri (9 yrs ago)
Has anyone had a great meal here? I arrived late once for brunch so the choice was minimum.


AimeeJ (9 yrs ago)
As an indication, it's often full of coach loads of tourists, so don't expect it to be amazing. Personally any restaurant that only serves buffets is never going to give you a "Great" meal, unless you prefer quantity over quality. Though, it's worth a trip for a drink and the view (and to check out the 80's style decor - it is a revolving restaurant after all!), but I'd head elsewhere for dinner.

Shoe Girl (9 yrs ago)
I went on Saturday with visitors and had the afternoon tea buffet. THe only thing I can recommend was the view. THe food was horrible. It was more Chinese style than international. If you don't want dim sum, the only thing to eat was lettuce leaves and some sandwiches (which weren't even nice). Mind you, it was pretty cheap so I guess you really get what you pay for. We just happened to be nearby and wanted to see refuge from the rain.

Strawberry_Shortcake (9 yrs ago)
I took my bf there for his birthday (dinner), the food was not great but I went with low expectations anyway...it was kinda cool that you need to walk AROUND the restaurant to get food which could take a long time but it was different. Almost everybody was celebrating his birthday and there is a guitarist/singer pair who walks around singing songs....the tables are far away enough from each other so it was not too disturbing even they are at your neighbouring table singing happy birthday. but to answer your original question, the food is not good but I enjoyed our experience it surely felt very different from the normal hotel buffets although you would expect to pay the same price (well slightly cheaper..our meal cost $900 for two)

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