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POSTED BY james_jazzy (9 yrs ago)
Hi, I have a National air conditioner that I'd like to thoroughly clean. By that I mean not just wiping the exposed surfaces and changing the filters, but a deep cleaning of the entire apparatus because the unit is about 7 years old and recently some dust got inside due to flat renovations.

Do I need to go to the manufacturer's authorized service dealer for this, or can I just use one of the handymen who advertise this service? The problem with the former is that they insist on inspecting the unit for repair (HK$450) before cleaning it (HK$680), whereas I just want to clean the unit.



bbleungbb (9 yrs ago)
Check this out, we've used their service 2-3 times in the past years. Pretty good with reasonable charge.

community advice (9 yrs ago)
We have many names in our data base but I picked Shun Hing Electronic Co. Ltd. (tel: 2733-3888 and 2855-0955) as they happen to be National agents. Win Ming Hong tel. 2575-3027 and 2572-6005 is another name that has received favourable feedback from callers. Hope this helps. The Community Advice Bureau (CAB)

antman (7 yrs ago)

problem was a split type ac with a slow leak (stayed cold for 5 days before running out of gas). reasonable phone quote from them (hkd1200) to find the leak, fix it and recharge, when asked if they had the equipment (freon leak detector) they said dont worry - we can overcharge it with nitrogen to find the leak and we have a 1 year guarantee.

they were always late by half an hour to 3 or 4 hours (although it is summer) even when i asked them to come first thing in the morning at 0930 they were still 3 hours late - all with no reason. they never brought up any leak detector or the nitrogen charging equipment - not once.

1) The first guy seemed alright, came up and said he had found the leak via a visual inspection

2) When the repair team was organised they intentionally broke / split the pressurised refrigerant line - blowing vaporised refrigerant oil throughout my bedroom, when welding the pipe they accidentally burnt holes thru my drapes too. 5 days later the same - no more cold ac. ie. they never fixed the original leak.

3) a return visit from the same team. blah blah blah. dont have the leak detector. didnt bring any of the so called nitrogen charging equipment, just recharged the gas again and offered to install a new ac or give a refund. 5 days later again not cold.

4) no refund. sent a new team. still a complete waste of time, no leak checking equipment at all, no offer of a refund now, gave me a quote for a new ac, reasonable quote but definitely not a low quote and no discount (considering that I already paid hkd1200 for a job that was never done).

recharging refrigerant (R22) knowing that it will all leak out in 5 days is not only a waste of time but also bad for the environment.

I am a mechanical engineer and I also speak cantonese.

The cost of replacing the piping appears to be higher than doing a fresh install on a new ac - and no guarantees of course.

To be fair they did come up 4 times and the charge was reasonable. On the other hand I ended up wasting 4 days waiting for them and paid hkd1200 for a little temporary relief but ultimately a bigger ongoing headache.

I ordered a new ac from, hkd350 cheaper on the equipment and hkd450 cheaper on the installation (hkd800 less), opted for delivery without installation and I will have my own renovation contractor install it so that at least the work will be done, controlled and finished properly.

I will try the companies recommended by the CAB next time.

saddiquetrading (7 yrs ago)
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fennel (4 yrs ago)
I rang Tai Shun and asked them to come and clean my air conditioner. I had to book an appointment a week in advance. On the day they were 30mins late, then I got a phone call saying they couldn't come and would come a week later instead!

Thanks for nothing! Crap service, I told them I would find someone else.

wharrison6 (4 yrs ago)
I have an air-condition maintenance man visiting at the moment - literally as I type this. It looks like he's fixing it. Not sure what he's going to charge me though - supposed to be around 400. Anyway, their number is 28733018 and it seems like a pretty professional setup.

skanklor (4 yrs ago)
did he fix it?

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