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POSTED BY Ed (8 yrs ago)
That's not correct - check the threads on movers and you will see that we do not restrict any recommendations (that policy has been in effect for over a year now).

We do however appreciate if you support those who support the site,van/


axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
I am getting quotes from the following. So far no recommendations (haven't moved yet) but I daresay some quotes have been rather, ahem, astronomical.

o Allied Pickfords

o Asian Tigers

o Crown

o Santa Fe

o Asian Express -

o Yiu Ming Removals. 2887 8605

o FTC Logistics 2814 1658

Target Storage Limited (8 yrs ago)
Hi Edot,

Give me a call at 2690 9833.



axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)
The quotes so far. From most expensive to cheapest:

- Crown.

- Santa Fe (did not do a survey).

- Asian Tigers.

- Yiu Ming Removals.

- FTC Logistics.

I won't quote the numbers but Crown were about twice as much as FTC. Sure, the top three (all very close in price) do offer great service. We used Santa Fe when we moved to HK and they were just great. However since we are only moving within HK we don't need every piece of furniture wrapped as if we were moving to another country. In the end, we decided to go with FTC. Several friends who have used them have been very satisfied.

hill dweller (8 yrs ago)

They're very experienced, inexpensive but don't speak English.

engeng (8 yrs ago)
hi, you can try to call 68937616, they are good.

gooddog (8 yrs ago)
FTC logistics did my move this weekend. They quoted $5k, everyone else 8-9K. They did the move well. No fuss. Highly recommended.

axptguy38 (8 yrs ago)

The move went great. FTC aren't perfect but they are very service minded, polite and hard working. When I say not perfect I mean they didn't know quite how Persian carpets should be folded. Not everyone knows that. Two glasses broke. It happens. Frankly for the savings in price we can afford much more than two glasses. Also they forgot a thing or two in the old place. No biggie.

Very happy to recommend FTC. Just make sure you are around the day of the move.

fushingbayloo (8 yrs ago)
This is all very helpful. I'm needing a cheap local mover next Thursday just across my neighborhood and can only pay like $3,000 - we have moved tons already just walking it across the 'hood. Just need movers/manpower for the big furniture items. We have packed everything small. Got a quote from DaDa for $8K! Whoa......then Trade Winds for $5,600....this is too much - we are in a 2 bed/2 bath place not a ton of furniture. Am I being realistic in my expectations? I may call FTC to see what they'd charge......

4G (8 yrs ago)
weve heard good reviews price wise from elitemovers 98112053 Mr Toor

Many have used him in our complex

Very very competitive price

fushingbayloo (8 yrs ago)
thanks, will reach out to mr. toor and see how it goes.

4G (8 yrs ago)
we will be using his services very soon

DBLACK (8 yrs ago)
TRADEWINDS TRANSPORT - run by an EX-PAT named Steve Dressler for the over 20 years is the way forward.

He has moved me 5 or 6 times over the last 16 years. Value for money and no BS, give him a try. I am sure you will be happy.



CF (8 yrs ago)
Agreed Tradewinds was great for us. We moved a 3 bedroom BIG apartment onto a boat - travelled 20km. All small stuff was pre-packed by me.

Bill was under $6000. Service was great, moving guys were fabulously polite. Definitely recommendable.

Ed (8 yrs ago),van/

4G (8 yrs ago)
weve just moved and absolutely no complaints

very very reasonable price, great service ,no breakages,all fragile items packaged in bubble wrap and paper

big furniture in thick foam padded cloth and plastic wrap

Full house move in 1 day

Highly recommend Elite movers Mr Toor

SlingBlade (6 yrs ago)
I would like to strongly recommend Trade Winds for any local moves. I needed to move fairly quickly from Hung Hom to Yuen Long last year. Quote was reasonable and accurate. Movers were professional and quick. None of my breakables were broken. Worth every penny. English was fine. And totally hassle free (tunnel tolls, underground parking access was all handed).

JJChan (6 yrs ago)
Contact CAB who will provide a comprehensive list of local and international movers. Often international movers do local moves at very competitive prices. Agree, get several quotes

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