small job mover needed



POSTED BY CookieMum (8 yrs ago)
I bought a couple pieces of furniture from this site, and need a cheap and reliable mover to do the job. Just within mid-levels and Central. Does anyone have any recommendation?


Starbucks2 (8 yrs ago)
Mr Miracle is ok but make sure you ask for 2 people if you need 2 people to move whatever you have bought. 9314 5261.

CookieMum (8 yrs ago)
Tks Starbucks...Mr. Miracle's rate is the most reasonable i heard so far, and he sounds very friendly and honest over the phone. Think i'll try him out.

pccw (8 yrs ago)
hey guys i found this guy a-z directery try him 6120-7310 rossy . thaks

Oz Expat (8 yrs ago)
I'd like to recommend tradewinds transport English speaking. Very good prices and really helpful and friendly. I used them last week and was really happy with them.

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