Google's new HK Data centre



POSTED BY ecareken (6 yrs ago)
Does anyone here where this data centre will be here:


Pray2Google (6 yrs ago)
No word on location or definite time, most likely two years before it's up. Google are very secretive about their Data Centres, as much as everything else they do.

Considering the cost of land in HK, you can pretty much bet it will be well away from any city locations, otherwise they'll blow the entire DC budget for Asia on one site. The nerd in me regrets that I'll probably never get to see the inside of it :(

SweetSue (6 yrs ago)
"The advantage of setting up a data center in Asia is that the cost of setting up one is much lower than in the U.S., says Chin. To set up these centers, Google has obtained 2.45 hectares of land in Jurong West, Singapore, in Taiwan it acquired 15 hectares of land in Changhua county and in Hong Kong it acquired 2.7 hectares of land in Kowloon."

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