Carrie Lam Cheng Must Go - Policemen should not follow



Posted by broussymark 6 days ago
Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam defends police, criticizes protests, dodges question over ‘autonomy’ of decision-making.

On Aug 12, protesters conducted a peaceful mass sit-in at the airport condemning alleged police brutality, leading the airport to cancel flights from late afternoon. Is it necessary ? Government tried to create the news against protesters into the world media ! Lam Cheng are worrying about the protesters spread more news via travelers at the airport !

The economy became bad NOT because of protests, it is because of China officials, HK officials and tycoons selfishness. They increase shops and properties rental fees ! China controls currency rates and create unfair trade deals. These are the reasons ! Lam Cheng always found her own excuses. If police do not use tear gas, beanbags, arms then they may not win the protesters ! Police can use the arms and guns to hurt protesters and then protesters fight back then they are illegitimate ? It is a big joke !

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