Free SIM Card for New Comers to Hong Kong



Posted by Louis0000 10 mths ago
Hi, we are new to Hong Kong, my friend in Hong Kong sent me Netvigator's website saying can get free Sim card after registration. We have received and using it now, enable 5G network and calls.New comers in Hong Kong maybe need it. You can register and get the sim via the following website:


ahallusa 8 mths ago
LOUIS0000 : you are working in this firm and do online marketing that everyone knows !

BrandaEverts 8 mths ago
I recently found another similar solution on the ifree group website.
Personally haven't tried it myself, but you can basically order a sim card and then use it with your phone app.

It's likely you can also get it in the airport as ifree recently opened their store there (just read in the news).

If anyone tried this, let me know.
Especially if this is cheaper/better than the regular sim card I can get in 7-11.



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