Why IPCC is useless to investigate the policemen ?



Posted by broussymark 23 days ago
Why IPCC is useless to investigate the policemen in regards to attacks!

Thousands have attended a rally organised by civil servants last night urging the government to listen to public demands. We saw some banners - No IPCC. Why ?

Lam could go a long way toward defusing the crisis by acceding to the other three demands: withdrawing the bill, walking back her (and police chief Stephen Lo’s) ill-advised “riot” assertions and, most importantly, establishing an independent inquiry into the whole extradition debacle, including the behaviour of the police. Top police brass insists that the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC), all of whom have been hand-picked by the chief executive, handle all grievances against the force. Critics rightly fear that any IPCC investigation could be a whitewash.

I am here telling you the fact :

On Aug 15-16, 2019 - 2019 - Colloquium on international law

Head of Independent Police Complaints Council ( IPCC ) Anthony Neoh, Carrie Lam and 2 MAINLAND CHINESE OFFICIALS will be the opening speakers :

https://2019colloquium.aail.org/all-speakers/ !

See their relationships and what they run in business ! :) No wondered why Carrie Lam has not set up the independent unit to investigate ! Carrie Lam and the officials are separatist leaders! They should resign and leave the government.


broussymark 10 hrs ago
When people complained about the policemen who did not have the numbers on the uniform, Head of Independent Police Complaints Council ( IPCC ) explained that policemen have the little numbers on the back of the little hats ! Who can see that ?

Policemen faced in front of the protesters shooting, not behind the protesters and journalist ! Anyone could see their little numbers on their hats ?

Is it a joke ? What does IPCC stand for ? Is IPCC hiding something for the community ? Salary and benefits from the HK government so they have to say this ? Anyone could accept this explanation by IPCC without logical minds ? Yeah, unless all people are blind !

That's why Lam Cheng refuses to set up the public inquiry ! She will be the one who needs to carry all mistakes under her administration ! Lam Cheng is following orders from Beijing including no negotiation and she has no persuasive skills to change their minds. All mainland Chinese people should open their eyes with their brains and facts instead of being blind-followers !

I have the question for mainland Chinese people 'If China police would do the same into mainland Chinese people in mainland China, China policemen beat up your kids, friends and relatives, what can mainland Chinese do ? Nothing ?'Just following orders from Beijing - northern mainland Chinese people in Beijing ? Everyone should only accepts CCP and mainland Chinese ? Think of it !

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