China bans Cathay Pacific pilot seen to support protests BUT.....



Posted by broussymark 15 days ago
China has ordered the Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific to suspend any staff who support pro-democracy protests in the territory.

Beijing's demand coincided with a peaceful rally at Hong Kong's airport, where thousands occupied a terminal. China and Hong Kong officials request CX to give the list of the employees who support the protests. Cathay should not provide it. What employees do on their own time is not the business of the employer. And Cathay couldn’t know for sure. It would be illegal for HK officials to request this.

China is within their rights to request staff manifests for flights entering China airspace, but it’s not appropriate for them to demand to know who supports protests. The one pilot who got arrested could be banned I suppose but he has not been found guilty of anything yet so he’s innocent by law. And air China is the second biggest shareholder in CX so if they cause its demise they will lose a lot.

Cathay also faced pressure online after China's state-run press fuelled a #BoycottCathayPacific hashtag, which trended on Chinese social media.

HANG ON - a group of investors will not hold it's stocks -0293.HK - Cathay Pacific Airways !

CX needs to handle this type of issues. China may want to buy this airline when the stocks price goes down. Cathay Pacific Airways needs to be very careful especially when the management board made this type of decision. These days many investors do not hold RMB and mainland Chinese stocks these days. #BoycottAirChina is a solution.

#BoycottChina ! Mainland Chinese spokesmen and Hong Kong officials - Pro-Beijing camp kept saying they are stronger than anyone of the world ! We will see !!

USA should not allow mainland Chinese immigrants get into USA when they are brainwashed. They don't accept human rights then they should not live in USA, NZ, Canada, Australia, European Union.

China requires foreign technology and stuffs more than foreign companies require mainland Chinese. When mainland Chinese became better then they could do all rubbish back to people who do not want CCP. In the past, China was not developed. China market is not a super market for foreign and Hong Kongers' companies.

Skip China market, the world economy would become better when they created all rubbish.

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