can tourist marry in hongkong?



POSTED BY zemlene (8 yrs ago)
I am a Filipina and my bf is a Belgian national.. we are going to hongkong for 10 days this october. Is it possible that we can have a civil wedding too? if yes, what are the requirements needed from both of us. and where shall we apply?


cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
you need to make an appointment first and then need at least 14 days to gazette the marriage.

check the govt websites, but basically you need at least 14 days time

Dream_Catcher (8 yrs ago)
Silly question!

Because there are lot of missing information, like are you both single? if your both single why not married in Philippines or in Belgium?

I dont think you will get benifits if you get married in hong kong? because still you need to register your married in your country in order for you guys to recognized your marriage. So i suggest just enjoy the advance honeymoon and shopping in Hong Kong. :-P

cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
dreamcatcher you are incorrect there. there are two very obvious reasons to get married in HK:

1. It's very inexpensive (305 HKD application fee, 715 HKD registration fee) compared to other countries

2. Once you have a marriage license in HK, it's immediately recognized in most countries of the world as a legally valid marriage. i am pretty sure Belgium treats this the same way as other European countries does, so as a Filippina she can immediately enjoy the benefits of her marriage (i.e. visas!).

As I believe you are from the Phils too, I should mention that I think (i.e. not sure) that Philippines is one of the very few (larger) countries where a national still needs to register the marriage in her country once more to have it recognized there.

Dream_Catcher (8 yrs ago)
Cookie09 You are talking to someone who is a hong kong citizen. that if they married in hong kong the woman or the other party can apply visa to belgium. thats true.

But they are both alien unless one of them are resident in hong kong.

Even if you married in US you must register your marriage to your own embassy to make it official to your country of origin and besides alien who is getting married in foreign land requires a lot of red tapes; like you have to provide proof that you are both single and this must be authenticated and genuine and must be acquire in both country of origin.

Its not simple as buying candy in 7Eleven as what you think; Like walk-in and register and pay certain amount of HKD :-P

The only question here is that why both alien travel to a foreign land to get married? While they can get married in Philippines and Belgian soil as simple as the begian man can envite the woman to marry him in his country or vise versa and Philippines married is more cheaper compare to hong kong because in Philippines you pay only the stamp it cost HKD10 then they can all have the benefits. :-P

Seems to me there is a foul play here like one of them or both of them are commited already to their own country of origin and they are trying to get away from it. :-P ooopppsss!!! this is only my opinion i might be wrong.. :-D

beancurd (8 yrs ago)

Visit the website and read carefully. You can also apply online appointment booking so you can save time. If the date is available in the chosen date, then all you have to do is show the original documents required when you arrived in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, it is more convenient to marry in Hong Kong because if you have proper documents, there is no need to authenticate it from your own embassy in Hong Kong. If they marry in Manila, the bf has to go to Belgian consulate to certify that he is really single or divorce and 10 days are not enough as they also have to attend the seminar as couple.

beancurd (8 yrs ago)
Seems to me there is a foul play here like one of them or both of them are commited already to their own country of origin and they are trying to get away from it. :-P ooopppsss!!! this is only my opinion i might be wrong.. :-D

20 years ago a simple separation letter either from husband or wife certifying that they are separated might work but not now because the marriage registry will ask immediately the divorce paper or single certificate. Cannot make any excuses.

cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
sorry dream catcher you are really wrong here (and i know this from my own experience):

even if you are both not hk citizen, you can marry easily in hong kong. all you need is to make a declaration that you are single (there is no written proof needed from your own government/embassy), but of course if you lie at that moment (i.e. you are indeed already married) then you commit a fraud which is punishable with fines and potentially jail time if found out.

once you have received the hk marriage license, it is good enough for the wife to get a visa to most european countries as a dependent wife.

the only reason you need to register the marriage with the embassy of the european country is to apply for a passport of that european country.

so marriage in hk is indeed as simple as buying candy in 7-11 - ok just almost ;-)

whatever whatever (8 yrs ago)
cookie - you are totally wrong. you need a HKID card to get married in HK

cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
why would you think that one needs a HK ID whatever?

you can use the above government link and search through the term 'giving overseas notice' where the hk government explicitly gives the opportunity to marry in hong kong for people who live abroad (hk citizens or not).

zemlene (8 yrs ago)
hi, thank you for replying my post here. for additional info... i am single and he is divorced with his wife for 8 years already. We originallly have plans to get married in my country but 10 days isn't enough to get it done... so we are thinking maybe we can get married in hongkong if it is possible for 10 days time. We are already in a relationship for 2 years so i think its high time for us to marry.

So what do you think... is it really possible?

zemlene (8 yrs ago)
Oh my God ... Beancurd and Cookie ... you are our "ANGEL" thanks for the link. My bf and I are very happy for this information. thanks a lot and more blessings to all of you!!!

Dream_Catcher (8 yrs ago)
If your both single you just walk in the municipality and fill the form pay the stamp face the judge and your married. simple as buying candy in 7Eleven and it can be done in max of 20min and Your lying here zemlene! because you dont need 10 days as what you are saying because this is a complete BS.... if you are planning of big band wedding of course it needs month or years of preparation and 10 days is not enough. :-P

In hong kong you have to Publish in News paper and this anouncement will be Posted as well to your both respective embassy then wait for 15days. cookie said 14days but i doubt; and if no body object then you can proceed to register your married and your hubby must provide a proofs of divorce paper as you can see in the provide link so as to the woman she must provide proof that she is single and this are aunthenticated and notarize as describe in the link provided. I attended many friend got married in hong kong recently last year and thats the procedure.

So how comes cookie09 can say marrying in hong kong is like just buying candy in 7Eleven. :-P if you want to eat candy you dont need to wait 14days as you said in your first reply to this post and to show/provide any redtapes like what says in the link provided.. Not like Philippines married just walk in and fill the form pay the stamp in 20 minutes your husband and wife as simple as buying candy in convinient store or 7Eleven. :-P

zemlene (8 yrs ago)
i'M NOT LYING... ITS THE TRUTH REALLY. If you don't believe then its ok. Dream_Catcher. Nice name, it suits you... you catch the dream of others so that it will not come to realize. lolz.

Anyway, If it's not possible to have our marriage in hongkong this year.. we'll make it realize here in my country in 2011 ( which is too long a wait) . Me and my partner just trying to make it this year coz my younger sister is also planning to marry next year, and we have a family beliefs that it is not good to have two marriages in the family in one year. and since my younger sister annnounced their plans first before me...she is the one who will marry next year and i have to wait 2011. I know it sounds absurd beliefs but my parents and my grandparents feel strongly on this belief.



Dream_Catcher (8 yrs ago)
Zemlene this is your original statement; We originallly have plans to get married in my country but 10 days isn't enough to get it done... this is complete lie..

You know the procedure if you just want to get married; walk-in in any municipality fill the form pay the stamp face the judge and your done. unless your planning of a big band wedding of course 10days is not enough. :-P

I understand some woman wants to make their wedding memorable and if your choice is to be married in hong kong its in deed a great choice but you dont need to lie. :-P

cookie09 (8 yrs ago)
relax buddy

beancurd (8 yrs ago)
We are planning to marry in the Phils next year. I already have the list of documents that I needed for Civil wedding because if Church wedding is too much trouble. If the man is divorce, he has to go to his consulate in the PHils. to get a document "capacity to marry". If in the Phils, I know the red tape and slow motion attitude of the people. So I e-mailed the U.K. consulate in Hong Kong and replied me that because we were married already in Hong Kong, they will just give a simple letter to my hubby that he can marry me in the Phils.

I think the 20 minutes as Dream_Catcher said, you have to deal with the FIXER in Manila, notorious for that.

If you want to marry in Manila City hall, has to apply for marriage license, giving the couples name several days to put in the notice board. If the marriage license is granted, they can have the civil wedding. So, I know 10 days are not enough, unless you did in advance before going there and deal with the FIXER.

Zemlene, you can apply on line and when you come or before you come to Hong Kong, you pm me. If you have any question, pm me.

Pinay din ako.

evildeeds (8 yrs ago)
I got married in HK and it was like buying candy in 7-11. I did not have HKID at the time. Was simply book an initial appointment, submit the required docs, wait for the 15 days for the marriage to be gazetted and that's it. If I wanted could have had it all done in 16 days, however we booked 2 months ahead. The most simple procedure here. And no, my embassy is not contacted either - no need.

Thames (8 yrs ago)
My British friends came out to stay with me in 2007 for a fortnight's holiday and, just ten days before they arrived, decided they would like to marry here. They had never been to Hong Kong before and certainly didn't have ID cards. As soon as I knew they wanted to get hitched I made the simple arrangements by phone. I seem to recall that they had to send over a notarised document confirming that they were both single, but that was the most onerous part of the whole procedure.

The wedding was nice (and cheap), they did not need to register their marriage in the UK (though I recognise that the registration bit might perhaps be different for other countries) and the only people they contacted after the event were two sets of peed-off parents who had been hoping for a religious wedding extravaganza back home with a supporting cast of thousands.

zemlene, don't listen to the posters above who are absolutely wrong - go for it and all the best to you and your soon-to-be husband!

zemlene (8 yrs ago)
thanks Thames... me and bf never been to HK too. It would be our first time in the country. I read the website beancurd gave me. and all we have to do is to send all our documents including the forms to the registry office and the bank draft as well. then we will wait for their reply. that is how i understand on how to give overseas notice. We are securing our documents this week and send it all to HK before the end of August.

zemlene (8 yrs ago)
wow, Congratulations Ausienla! and thank you for boosting up my spirit for our plans this october. I am really looking forward for having also the happiness you have now. Thanks for helping me out...

God Bless!!

bjornfranken (8 yrs ago)
I (dutch) am planning to marry my Vietnamese gf in September in HK.

Does anybody know if I/we need a certificate of being Single?

The marriage registration website doesnt mention anything on this but some posts in various Forums do mention it is necessary. If needed I would have to go back to Holland first. :-(

Reason for me to marry in HK is that I will start working there from October, now I am located in Shanghai.

Loyd Grossman is Miss Venezuela (8 yrs ago)
Can't you wait until you have a HK ID card in October? It will then be very simple.

bjornfranken (8 yrs ago)
With HK ID I would not need a single and birth certificate?

If that is the case that would be an option.

When I start working in October in HK, my gf can follow first on a tourist Visa, i guess.

Loyd Grossman is Miss Venezuela (8 yrs ago)
I assume you have - or will have - a work visa. This will be put in your passport after you have arrived. You go down to Immigration Tower with your documents and they will issue you with an ID card. Once you have one of these, it's very simple. You then book a marriage ceremony at the Registry Office using your ID card. Once you have married your girlfriend, she will be entitled to work in HK - as long as you have a work visa. if you both stay here for a contnuous period of 7 years 9with a work visa), you will both become permanent residents

rose_robas (6 yrs ago)
what are the requirements for getting married in hongkong? i am a fiipina and my fiance' is dutch.

Enohpi (6 yrs ago)
To the OP, check this link below.

*Any person having knowledge of any legal impediment to such marriage is requested to report it to the Consulate within ten (10) days from the date of posting in the Consular Section.

That is the PhilConGen in Macau, and i am sure that they do the same in PHILCONGEN HK. when you get to HK you better contact or visit PHILCONGEN HK..

phil george (5 yrs ago)
Follow-up question

For foreign nationals getting married in HK, does the marriage certificate (to be issued by the HK Registry), indicate if either groom or wife is a "divorcee"? Thanks!

cookie09 (5 yrs ago)
yes it does

"Marital condition before marriage: BACHELOR" or "DIVORCED PERSON"

phil george (5 yrs ago)
Interesting trivia that the previous civil status is indicated in the certificate. Thanks for the info mr. cookie09.

Larenz (5 yrs ago)
Me & my partner were very please to read the info's u shared to us we're also planning to get married in HK,i'm a filipina & my partner is a european....he is divorced & am single....I hope HK wedding can help us to be together sooner than we expected....thanks.....God bless.....

Fleurese (17 mths ago)
Hi there! Anyone can advise me if it is possible we can marry in HK this coming August 2016, I am a filipina and living here in Phils, I am widow and my partner is also a filipino and holding a green card in California and he is living there right now, he is divorce twice from California court. The 2nd divorced(from filipina also) he applied is considerate from California government but in Phils still valid because the woman is not a US immigrant nor citizen. They advise him to get marry in HK for his 3rd wife.
I made an online appointment dated: July 6, 2016 but what should I do after this step? Do i need to come over HK for the issuance of notice of intended marriage or can I ask my friend in HK to submit in Civil Regisrty, is it possible? Highly appreciated whos anyone can help me.


shekoally (17 mths ago)
Don't you think you need to find out more about the reasons why did he get divorce twice in USA before jumping into marriage when he is now on green card status.....

shekoally (17 mths ago)

Fleurese (17 mths ago)
Thanks for the info, I will try to call them tomorrow. Have a nice day! (this is a big help for me)

shekoally (17 mths ago)
congratulations 💕💐💐💐🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

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