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POSTED BY ASIMO (8 yrs ago)
Please can someone recommend a reliable please to buy vitamins and supplements in Hong Kong.

I specifically need L-Theanine.



Ed (8 yrs ago)
How about GNC - they have a shop across from Central California Fitness

MyCsPiTTa (8 yrs ago)
After doing a (not-particularly thorough) survey of HK pharmacies and supermakets I am astounded at the prices of even basic vitamins here. I don't know about GNC, but just order from overseas. Just this morning received my order from Puritan's Pride ( Paid ~USD75 (of which ~$30 was postage) for vitamins I know for a fact would have clocked in at >USD500 in HK. They have a huge searchable selection too. Took 2 weeks to arrive.

Wow, this sounds like an ad, but it's not. Basically just google - any shop the net will be cheaper than HK...

ASIMO (8 yrs ago)
Thanks for the tip...

ktvkong (6 yrs ago)
Take a look at this Hong Kong site It offers up to 40% discounts on all U.S. and Canada health products including GNC, webber naturals and Jamieson, etc...

notyou1 (6 yrs ago)
IMI is very good.

AussieinDB (6 yrs ago)
check out delivered to your door in 2 days!

moebee (6 yrs ago)
check out

their stuff looks good. i'm going to try some.

miss78 (6 yrs ago)
check this website

i have given iron supplements to my son as my friend suggested. since then i have joined amway as a distributor. let me know which vitamin you are looking for and i can give you at better than the retail price. u can contact me on 53255048

Renijm (4 yrs ago)
I had the same problem - supplements are amazingly expensive here in HK! Was considering having my parents send me vitamins from home, but then someone in HK recommended the website from the US.

So far am happy with it. Supplements are a fraction of what you pay in HK, they have quite a large selection (although I couldn't find everything I had in mind) & I ordered via the cheapest method (US$4) which arrived in....about 10 days. The websites provides a lot of user reviews, which was quite useful. They also provided me a code when I received my order which you can give to others for a US$5-10 discount off first order (10 if >US$40). Feel free to use it (GVB329). I paid full price but still a bargain compared to HK prices.

Another option could be to cross the border to Shenzhen. When I was living in Mainland, supplements were quite cheap there. The problem is the quality (and the lack of English on labels) - labelling was extremely erratic & often completely off, I suppose at least. For example only 40mg of vit C per 100 gram (!) of tablets?! Maybe better to stick to overseas stuff..

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