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POSTED BY joeis8salt (7 yrs ago)
Anyone currently taking probiotics here?

I'm thinking about taking some to replace the live bateria i'm not ingesting due to not drinking mlk or general dairy products.

Where can I get some in HK? any brands better than others?


sarah jane jj (7 yrs ago)
I give my boys Udo's choice for children 60 capsules for about$260hk and my boy who had an op last year Natures Way,Primadophilus Reuteri superior probiotic 90 capsules 1 a day about $470hk.Got them at the 360 store,probably about the same price in other health shops or try online for powder which is probably cheaper.

AussieinDB (6 yrs ago)
There is a brand called NutraNomics from the US, available in Hong Kong that are very scientifically advanced.

Pre & Pro-Biotic provides a soluble liquid, pre-digestive fiber aid in the outer capsule, and a time released, 5 billion CFU live strain of five essential pro-biotics in the inner capsule (made of chlorophyllin). The time release system protects sensitive pro-biotic cultures from stomach acid. This technology-advanced capsule allows for optimal digestion support.

In English- the probiotics actually make it to the intestine "live" and are more potent and effective :)

You can buy it online-

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