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We aim to help you return to a normal active lifestyle with our precise minimally invasive techniques, state of the art equipment and short hospital stays.

Orthopaedics is the branch of medicine concerned with the bones, joints and muscles of the musculo-skeletal system. A key specialty at Matilda, we approach orthopaedics as a way to enhance patient quality of life.

The Matilda orthopaedic team includes around 25 active specialists, many with expertise in orthopaedic subspecialty such as knee, hand, hip, spine and ankle. Our surgeons treat conditions such as trauma, sports injuries, fracture, joint dislocation, osteoarthritis, degeneration of the joint as well as injuries of the joint, tendon and ligament.

he Matilda Orthopaedic and Spine Centre is set up to assist patients with musculoskeletal disorders, with a specialised care delivery that is focused on their specific needs. Our dedicated multilingual personnel offer assistance with enquiries, price estimations, making appointments, liaising with insurance companies, and assisting in transport and follow up arrangement.

The Matilda Orthopaedic and Spine Centre helps you spring back. Talk to us about how we can help. Call us at tel 5501 6699


Ed 16 days ago
Around 1,500 orthopaedic subspecialty procedures performed annually

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