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Hmlet (pronounced “Hamlet”) is a co-living company that provides a flexible and hassle-free living experience, with custom-designed homes, engaged communities and inspiring events. We foster close-knit communities and develop a modern mode of living with ready-to-move-in homes, activities and services.

We believe that a hassle-free life allows everyone to experience more, discover what they love, and become better versions of themselves.


Our story

Founded in 2016, Hmlet was conceived to cater to an increasingly mobile workforce and solve the limitations of traditional living constraints. Today, we are the leading co-living company across Asia Pacific that operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to free people to live more and do more. We do this by providing a flexible 30-day notice period, serviced rooms and community perks for members from all walks of life.


We want to change the way people live, for the better

At Hmlet, we believe that change is a collective effort, so we want to create a purposeful, modern way of living that focuses on growing collaborative communities.

We provide a seamless, stress-free living experience by side-stepping tedious paperwork and restrictive long leases so that our members can explore and pursue the lifestyle they want.

We are devoted to creating an extraordinary experience that defines a contemporary way of living, bigger and better than ever before, by providing everyone with room to grow into their best selves, pursue their passions and potential, connect with others, and live however they choose to.


We want to help you find your home

To create better and more sustainable ways of living, we are constantly rethinking physical spaces and ways to share resources.

Our homes are custom-built with a focus on aesthetics and comfort. Thoughtfully designed to facilitate social interaction among members, every Hmlet property is equipped with amenities that add to greater convenience and a communal experience.


Community is our cornerstone

Living goes beyond physical spaces. With community at the heart of Hmlet, we are dedicated to building homes for people from all walks of life who are moving to a new city, have left familiar surroundings or simply looking for a new space.

To date, we bring together people of more than 50 nationalities around the globe with a vibrant calendar of events that push members out of their comfort zones, experiencing different cultures in their host countries and giving back to the local community. Our curated events spark discovery and action, and create more opportunities for our members to engage and interact.

At Hmlet, we want to be the place where new ideas are born and profound connections are made. We’re inspiring change in the future of living, and we’re only just getting started.


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