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Thinking about renting a co-working space in Hong Kong?

As a modern metropolis, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s leading hubs for creatives and entrepreneurs alike. And whether you’re a freelance, creative, or a start-up, renting a big office space might not be in your best interests.

Co-working spaces in Hong Kong offer several benefits.

There are more than several fantastic offerings for co-working spaces in Hong Kong that offer the small business or freelancer a wide array of benefits. To name a few, think facilities like professional office printer & copier, in-house cafes and coffee, as well as personal assistance and stylish, modern working environments.

Aside from this, though, co-working spaces in Hong Kong present a valuable networking resource. Expect to find likeminded individuals working alongside you, sharing and exchanging ideas, advice and contact details. The benefits are mutual, and you will find plenty of people cultivating their own small businesses within the doors of one of Hong Kong’s chic co-working spaces.

How AsiaXPAT can help you:

Finding these co-working spaces in Hong Kong aren’t always that easy though, and even more so to compare each one to work out which suits you best. But by using our search function and browsing our classifieds, you can search through all the availabilities in co-working spaces around Hong Kong.

Many of these co-working spaces have additional options, just like renting a regular apartment in HK. For example, many offer single seat desks, called ‘hot-desks’. You won’t get your own apartment, but it will be cheaper to rent and still give you full access to all the communal facilities. Other options include sub-rented offices inside the co-working space.

In many ways, co-working spaces are the future of young businesses and freelancers in Hong Kong. We’re here to help set you up with exactly what you need.
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  • 26th Floor, Chub Tower
    Windsor House
    311 Gloucester Road
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    The Hong Kong 100 Queen’s Road Centre in a unique 27-storey building in the central business district. Situated on the 6th, 12th and 15th floors, the centre has elegant offices as well as a fully serviced cafe lounge. More...
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