Kids Kung Fu Instructor

Mindful Wing Chun
About the Studio
Mindful Wing Chun is a Wing Chun Kung Fu Studio located in the heart of Hong Kong, Central. We specialise in passing on the teachings of our Grandmaster, Chu Shong Tin to students from age 3+.
As well as a martial art and self-defense school, most of our time is spent helping students develop a calm and focused mind, whilst maintaining a relaxed, open and unified body. YES, Wing Chun Kung Fu can really help develop all these things!
The Kids Kung Fu classes are the most important way we can pass on this beautiful art. They are the next generation of practitioners who will encapsulate the art and keep it alive for the generation after them.
Job Description
You do not need past Martial Art experience to be a potential candidate for this role! We aim to pass on the Wing Chun 'principles' in fun, dynamic, fast paced and energetic classes and we will train you for the position.
Starting attributes you will need are; high energy, enthusiastic and passionate. Helping students gain the Wing Chun principles requires the instructors to be empathetic, patient and compassionate to each individual, at the same time maintaining a well disciplined and structured class.
We are looking for teachers who are excited with the prospect of helping children become a more confident, disciplined and respectful version of themselves.
Other duties will include;
-Helping to develop the KKF curriculum and keep the content fresh
-Assessing the children bi-monthly for their capability to attend grading events
-Meeting and greeting the parents and keeping them up to date with the children’s progress
-Running regular risk assessments of the studio/classrooms
-Maintaining studio/classroom cleanliness
• At least 1 year prior experience teaching children
• Fluent English speaker (all classes are taught in English)
Applicant MUST be fully vaccinated to the minimum government requirement for this industry OR be able to prove why they are medically unfit to do so.
We can only accept applicants with a valid and current HKID & right to work In Hong Kong
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