Canadian Gov't Encourages Kids to get High

Posted by Ed 14 mths ago
Ed ... how to you prepare for your DAILY RANT?

First of all it's not always daily ... but I like that tag line... and because I like it ... obviously it's awesome... because I think it is (even though it may not be...)

It's quite a process actually.... when I get up a head of steam there's quite a lot of preparation involved before I get to the point of Blowing a Gasket.... of bringing myself to the very precipice of a major stroke and so close to the edge of a mental breakdown that my wife is contemplating calling the burly men with the straight jackets....

Generally I will start planning the night before the rant .... I make sure I get very little sleep... so for instance... last night ... I watched replays of the NHL playoffs on my laptop till about 3am.... while at the same time continuing to do my high intensity usual work for AX ...

Then I set my alarm so I get no more than 4 hours sleep... this creates a sense of irritability and tension first... it sets the stage for a spew of epic vitriol.

Then... I pump in 6 cups of coffee and 12 cigarettes (even though I had smoking... but then.. that's half the point)....

I always make sure to play a few matches of chess (online) with Garry Kasparov... beating him actually clears my head and prepares me for the mental challenge of The Rant.

And that's

A couple of large Red Bulls ....sugar free of course.... as I fancy myself a bit of a fanatic...

That's it really ...

So you are ready to roll today Ed?

Very much so.... I have a great topic all lined up ... in fact this topic has been on my mind since January when I was back in Sudbury Canada .... aka the Frozen Hell on Earth... aka SudBERIA .... (the locals thinks it particularly funny when I refer to the city as SudBERIA.... I am quite pleased with that moniker ... that I came up with all by myself.... actually it's the Siberians that should be insulted... but that's another rant...)

Ok Ed ... load the gun ... light the fuse..... off to the races.....

So....... when I was visiting Canada I noticed the authorities had legalized marijuana…. And why wouldn’t they…. The government must have been eyeing the potential tax windfall they would realize by legalizing weed for years…. Apparently when informed that there were tens of millions of dollars in uncollected revenues being uncollected… Justin reportedly did this…

Now I am all for this initiative… anything that denies bike gangs their daily bread…. And puts street punks out of business… must be good … right? Afterall look at all the billions that have been wasted on the global war on drugs…. And not made even a slight dent in the trade or consumption of illicit substances.

The options were either 1. Legalize (starting with pot… then moving on to coke… ecstasy…. Heroin?) or 2. Hire Duterte as a consultant and get serious about ending the biker gangs and the scumbags who hang around The Mall pushing their misery on the masses.

Being Canada … there never was a choice… cuz government officials love tax revenue --- they are very creative at wasting money and more taxes is manna from heaven…. and because instructing the RCMP to gun down drug dealers is very un-Canadian.

As that moronic axiom goes… it is what it is… duh….really?

Doesn’t it irritate you when something someone heard from a movie gets traction in daily lexicon … ‘good to go’ …. that’s another one … and then there’s ‘I get it’ … (topics for another rant?)

Yes… it is what it is… and my brother informed me that it is possible to go to authorized shops to purchase marijuana products… products? You mean different types of weed right…. Oh no… there are all sorts of weed infused products that you can by….. because apparently not everyone likes to smoke the cannabis… they cough and hack and wheeze (because they are asphyxiating and poisoning themselves all at the same time…) …

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the feeling of a good buzz…. The good people in the Canadian government have not only legalized the selling of sacks of weed… they have also legalized the selling of weed laced gummy bears and various other cookies and candies….

Would I lie to you? Would I make sh$t up? No I would not… see for yourself:

My favourite has to be the distorted eyeballs pumped up with THC:

And then there are the gummies… including bunnies!

How long can it be before we have marijuana gummy Disney characters licensed for sale? I am giving it a year… perhaps two.

If Hong Kong follows Canada… if someone offers me a fair shake on the royalty side of things… I’ll retire on selling them the rights to gummies that look like this (go with the flow…)

So there you have it … the Canadian government has lost their mind…. They are actively allowing the sale of marijuana using marketing that targets the youth.

Idiocracy is here. Petrol fights cannot be far behind….

But wait…. Hold the applause… keep the ticker tape in your pockets…. There is MOAR!!! The best is yet to come

First I need to take you back to my formative years… back in SudBERIA… back when TV was black and white … and we had 2 channels CTV and CBC… actually there was a third but that was in French… so that didn’t count.

Anyway there was this institution that goes way back to the time of radio… it’s called Hockey Night in Canada …. Every Saturday night Canadian families would gather around the TV, mom and dad puffing away on smokes… and dad with his case of Molson Export Ale….

Or sometimes a bottle of Five Star Whiskey (in our home we’d urge dad to drink the Five Star quickly so we brothers could beat each other to get the plastic star stuck to the bottle…)

8pm was the start time …. And the game of the week always featured one of the Canadian teams --- Montreal or Toronto…. This was our version of mom, the flag and apple pie --- along with some serious violence with the players often cracking each other with sticks resulting in massive brawls…. All rolled into one. This was pure Canadiana….

And there was no way in hell any of the presenters would consider making a statement in support of marijuana consumption …. Of encouraging any sort of deviant behaviour…. That would be absolute anathema… he’d be fired on the spot.

Fast forward 4 decades ….. Hockey Night in Canada is still around…. But no doubt the audience is a lot smaller as most kids are busy playing Kill Some Cops…. On their Play Stations…. I’m at my brothers and we attempt to relive the good old days… so we break out a case a beer but we forgo the rot gut Five Star and choose a nice decanter of Highland Park whiskey (yum!)

We’re watching the game --- and the intermission starts…. They have a piece live from Whistler and they are interviewing Ross Rebagliati famed for winning a gold medal in snowboarding … and subsequently testing positive for marijuana … back when it was illegal….

Anyways the entire spot was about how awesome it was that marijuana was now legal….. but the kicker is… Ross says ‘cannabis can be family oriented’ and Ron Maclean says ‘that’s such a great direction you take us’

Watch the entire promo encouraging cannabis use for young and old … but focus on the 3:30 mark of the video:

Moms… Dads…. Get down to the marijuana store …. Pick up your favourite flavour of bud (pre-rolled for convenience)…. And don’t forget the kids… chocolate brownies… gummy bears… all things marijuana on sale now.

And plunk yourselves down in front of the TV ... flick on Hockey Night and Canada .... and sit there dazed and confused.... giggling like morons.... and munching Doritos... and enjoying this healthy 'family time'......

I sat there .... stunned in disbelief watching that interview….

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Ed 14 mths ago

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Ed 14 mths ago
Or ... perhaps.... not madness....

Congrats, Canadians: You’re world leaders in debt

The Emotional Effects of Debt

Whether it’s considered “good debt” or “bad debt,” the truth is, any debt can cause serious emotional effects. Studies show what many of us already know: Debt is about much more than money. Being in debt can lead to a number of other emotional and psychological issues.

And when people have trouble paying their bills... they eventually resort to:

But if you encourage them to smoke weed..... perhaps they cannot be bothered to reach for the yellow vest....

Researchers have found that levels of dopamine are lower in long-term cannabis smokers and those who began using the drug at a younger age.

Lower dopamine in a part of the brain called the striatum is linked to less ambition and motivation at a neuronal level.

Call me crazy.... but why else does the government authorize the sale of THC-laced gummy bears and bunnies... that are clearly going to encourage people who probably never would try smoking pot.... to get high....

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Ed 13 mths ago
Denver votes to decriminalise magic mushrooms

The motion was put to a public vote on Tuesday, and passed with a slim majority of 50.6%.

Although using or possessing the mushrooms will still technically be illegal, restrictions will be drastically loosened for personal use.

Police officers will now be instructed to treat magic mushroom users as their lowest priority.

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Ed 13 mths ago
And to top this off... let's sanction men to beat each other to death in bare knuckle fights!

Fighters show off brutal damage suffered in bare knuckle brawl

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Ed 13 mths ago

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scottishminer 13 mths ago
Govt Legalising weed quite right! but no one force you to take weed" you do that at your own risk and legalising weed is a good idea to tackle rate of hard drugs in the society. Weeds is natural, Drugs aren't. Caution yourself if you have to smoke weed know your gauge, the government really legalise it to tackle either debt or to increase the economy that's looming I'm sure you all see what CANADA economy fell on since 1990-2000. it's advisable to stay off weed while driving don't take the weed opportunity to illegality.


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Ed 13 mths ago
Marijuana and Circuses:

MMA fighter 'Super' Sage Northcutt has posted an update of his injuries following a brutal 29-second knockout on his One Championship debut against Cosmo Alexandre, which included a nine-hour surgery after suffering 8 fractures.

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