The High Stakes of the Harvey Weinstein Trial’s Closed-Door Hearings

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
How victims, lawyers, and the press are grappling with an unprecedented turn in the high-profile case.

Harvey Weinstein’s upcoming trial was always destined to serve as a knotty intersection of the #MeToo movement, the criminal justice system, and the media covering both—but it grew more complicated last Friday.

That’s when New York Judge James Burke closed his Manhattan courtroom, barring the assembled press from covering what’s known as a Molineux hearing—a pre-trial proceeding that determines if uncharged-but-alleged criminal acts can be used as evidence. Burke explained he made the decision to avoid tainting the jury pool while he weighs whether to allow for testimony from Weinstein accusers who were not involved in the incidents the former movie mogul is charged in.

Burke’s decision meant the press wouldn’t hear each side’s arguments on the merits on potentially powerful testimony.Prosecutors did not protest the ruling.

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Ed 13 mths ago

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