The rise and fall of Hong Kong showbiz

Posted by Ed 13 mths ago
The meteoric rise of Hong Kong's entertainment industry took place in the 1970s to '80s, propelled by the city's rapid economic growth.

Facing prosperity but an uncertain political identity, the booming sector morphed into a defining cultural force, shaping the identity of millions of Hongkongers.

At its zenith, Hong Kong stars were household names among the Chinese community worldwide, a source of pride for the city. In the past decade, however, with fans' attention turning to K-pop and local artistes taking their acts to the more lucrative mainland market, some of this lustre has been lost, and with it, an important element of what it means to be a Hongkonger.

This week, City Weekend looks at the rise and fall of the entertainment scene and the fortunes of pop idols in Hong Kong during those glory years when the industry was dubbed the "Hollywood of the East".

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Ed 13 mths ago
While the entertainment industry has proven itself integral to Hong Kong's cultural identity - such as bringing generations of Hongkongers together at concerts and parties for year-end awards shows - over the last two decades, however, annual music record sales have dropped from HK$1.6 billion (S$277 million) to HK$200 million.

Sadly, this is not an isolated trend. The film industry has also seen decline in the past decade. The city produced more than 400 films a year in the early '90s, but this figure dropped to as low as 60 in 2017. In 1996, five of the top 10 grossing films in Hong Kong were local productions. Twenty years on, only one quasi-home-made flick made the top 10.

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Ed 13 mths ago

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