The Vanderbilts: How American Royalty Lost Their Crown Jewels


Posted by Ed 5 mths ago
The Vanderbilts' lavish homes, opulent parties and colorful characters made them the Gilded Age's poster family. At one time some of America's richest thanks to a booming railroad business, they have seen their dollars turn to dust.
So where did it all go?
Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt started the family business by borrowing $100 from his mother and piloting a passenger boat on Staten Island in 1810. He expanded into steamboats and then went on to build railroad empire New York Central.
Its tracks stretched Vanderbilt's empire across the United States and gave him a monopoly for all rail service in and out of New York city. He reportedly accumulated a $100 million fortune by the time of his death in 1877 - more than was held in the U.S. Treasury at the time.

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Ed 5 mths ago
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Ed 5 mths ago
"Inherited wealth is a real handicap to happiness... It has left me with nothing to hope for, with nothing definite to seek or strive for."  
William Vanderbilt 

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