Anti Mask Law Futile?

Posted by Ed 8 mths ago
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Ed 8 mths ago
Seriously....  the city is on fire and this is the response?   
Most of the protests are not being given authorization so every person who participates is already breaking the law --- so what is the point of this latest law?
As we can see all it is doing is adding further load to the crisis ... we've closed our office at 4pm and sent everyone home as massive crowds are already gathering just outside.
To reiterate --- what is needed is a New Deal... a Marshall Plan....  something big.   
Hong Kong has US$1.835 trillion

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Ed 8 mths ago
Breaking News:  the latest measure to attempt to end the protests involves a new law that requires dog owners to walk their dogs and have them urinate on fires set by protesters.   Any person seen walking their dog and not complying risks a HKD25,000 fine and one year in prison.

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Ed 8 mths ago
For a very cool photo click here 

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Ed 8 mths ago
As this article suggests, there is only a small minority that opposes the actions of the protesters.
Millions were on the streets peacefully in 2014 ...  which resulted in nothing.
Upwards of 2M were on the streets when the current protests started... which resulted in nothing.
And now the peaceful protests have descended into anarchy.
Go figure. 
Instead of some sort of far-reaching 'New Deal' ....  we get a face mask ban.   
A cop was inches away from being horrifically burned alive last night... and the MTR is a shuttered, burned out hulk today. 

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Ed 8 mths ago
Oddly enough I was corresponding with a friend last week and joked that the follow up to banning face masks would be a ban on black clothing...
To whomever is monitoring my email .... this was meant as a joke....  it was not a suggestion!!! 
China bans exports of black clothing to Hong Kong amid protests; all mailings to city ‘severely investigated’, courier firm worker says
  • Courier companies based in Guangdong, province bordering Hong Kong, have issued notices that customs requires halt to deliveries of black clothing, other items
  •  Protesters have adopted as their uniform black T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, often paired with a black face mask 
The thing is....  the vast majority of people attending the illegal rallies are NOT wearing black.   It is primarily the front-liners who are in black.    I have wondered about that strategy as it makes it easier for the police to identify and target them.
Let's assume the govt could remove all black clothing from HK (you'd have to be sniffing a lot of glue and solvents to believe that could happen)....  wouldn't that be counter-productive?
Wouldn't the front-liners just dress in a rainbow of colours allowing them to easily blend in with the masses after burning down another Starbucks outlet?

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Ed 8 mths ago
The NBA's damage control is back-firing.     
If they attempt to eject people from games for wearing these shirts I would imagine they will end up with their own full-blown PR crisis...  and even more people jumping on the HK bandwagon...     
Toronto Raptors Fans Print Thousands of Pro–Hong Kong T-Shirts for Home Opener
In the wake of the NBA-China scandal, Toronto Raptors fans are gearing up for a political statement for the team’s home opener.  
A crowd-funded campaign has raised over $34,000 in five days to print thousands of t-shirts that read “The North Stand with Hong Kong” for Toronto’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans on October 22. 
“We are able to make 7,000 T shirts, which is 2,000 more than our original target! We will cover 35% instead of 25% of the audience! That’s 1/3 of the arena!” the group’s GoFundMe page reads.
The campaign was organized in part by Mimi Lee, a founder of the Torontonian HongKongers Action Group, which began hosting events in June “to raise awareness and support the current pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong started by the extradition to China bill fiasco.” 
Fan raises $43,000 to distribute ‘Stand With Hong Kong’ shirts at Lakers season opener
When Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong” on October 11, the NBA responded by referring to the tweet as “regrettable.”
That didn’t sit well with Bay Area-based basketball fan Sun Lared (a pseudonym, according to LAist), who channeled his frustration into a campaign to convince Lakers Nation to wear T-shirts that quote Morey’s since-deleted tweet verbatim at the team’s season opener.

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Ed 8 mths ago
NBA boss Adam Silver says Chinese government asked him to fire Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey

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zzebra 8 mths ago
Agreed what is needed is something different and innovative.

How about that the HK govt. were to hire police officers from Ferguson and prison guards from Northern Ireland to deal with the riots.

Surely these are well qualified to handle the rioters in very Western democratic manner.

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