Meet the mainland Chinese who are living in fear in Hong Kong



Posted by Ed 38 days ago
“I can’t understand why speaking Mandarin is now a sin in Hong Kong,” said “Mary”, a 35-year-old who works in the financial industry.
A few weeks ago, the native of southern Guangdong province said she was chatting in Mandarin with a friend in West Kowloon when a young man walked past and began shouting obscenities at them and saying they should “go back to mainland China”.
Mary (not her real name – she fears being bullied if her true identity is revealed) said the incident left her shaken and upset.
“I was so shocked at that moment. I couldn’t understand what prompted the man to do such a thing to us, as we didn’t know each other, and my friend and I were just talking about my newborn baby,” she said.
“I remember it was a sunny day, but my sky was filled with clouds. I cried as I walked home. It was the first time in 10 years of living in the city that I had been targeted and intimidated just for speaking Mandarin.”


Ed 38 days ago

broussymark 38 days ago
I do not think it happened to all mainland Chinese people in Hong Kong. I knew some mainland immigrants at the protests. They totally support Hong Kong protests. They said HK government and police are misleading Hong Kong. They only concerned if they go to protests when they will be caught then their family member will get into troubles by the Communist Party of China.

Those mainland Chinese have the eyes in HK ! Some of them are brainwashed but some are not seeing things clearly. They have known the Communist Party of China ! Xi's communist party is very complicated. He wants the west but he couldn't accept democracy. Xi wants the mainlanders to learn the west but mainland Chinese people couldn't accept democracy and free speech but they want the west to accept China. China fans told NBA 'Get out of China'. based on a comment. How much do you think they accept democracy and free speech ? They do not deserve to learn and watch international stuffs ! Think of it !!!

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