Maxim's Daughter Digs Her Hole Deeper



Posted by Ed 33 days ago
Founder’s daughter hits out at Hong Kong protesters over vandalism of Maxim’s outlets, blaming education system for failure to instil a sense of Chinese identity in locals
The daughter of the founder of catering giant Maxim’s Group has hit out at Hong Kong protesters who vandalised the company’s eateries because of her political stance, blaming the city’s education system for a failure to nurture a sense of national identity in local youths.
Annie Wu Suk-ching made the remarks in an interview with the China News Service agency after protesters escalated their attacks and vented their anger on businesses under Maxim’s because of her earlier comments against the anti-government demonstrations, which were triggered by the now-withdrawn extradition bill. 
Apparently Annie's IQ + EQ is only in the low 40's...   the protesters need to take this into consideration before considering wrecking more coffee and cake shops.


Ed 29 days ago
As expected...  Starbucks and Maxims Restaurants were trashed over the weekend:
One of our staff's mother works at Maxims and indicates that business has dropped to well under half since Annie made her initial comments (and numbers were already weak prior to that) ... staff are being forced to take unpaid leave
Assuming the crisis is resolved... one has to wonder about the long term viability of the Maxims group ...  will the people of Hong Kong forget and return to their restaurants? 

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