HK government mortgage scheme does not work !



Posted by broussymark 30 days ago
If Hong Kong government will approval 150 mainland Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong everyday, whatever the government tried to solve, it will never work !

Let me calculate the figures - 150 immigrants x 365 days = 54,750 immigrants per year.
Each immigrant may bring their parents or kids and their kids will be born in HK, each immigrant may bring 4 + people to Hong Kong. The issue is mainland Chinese immigrants applied for their parents to have 3 months period temporary stay / each time in Hong Kong and then they go back to China for a couple days then they could re-enter to Hong Kong and live here. Hong Kong government reported that 7.44 millions of people live in Hong Kong.
Of course, it is a wrong figure when they have not calculated temporary stay immigrants and those overseas immigrants could work in Hong Kong illegally. How do you think Hong Kong government may solve the housing issues if HK government keeps approving and allowing 150 mainland Chinese immigrants each day ? Please remember those older mainland Chinese immigrants may get the benefits from China and Hong Kong.

I guessed HK government should not approve 150 mainland Chinese immigrants each day to Hong Kong.
Example : If those mainland Chinese people are married with Hong Kongers then they should tell them to stay and live the greater bay area rather than coming to HK, I am sure it helps a lot.

Hong Kong government should fix the certain years i.e. min 10 years for those mainland Chinese immigrants may not apply for the public housing when they decided to come to Hong Kong. It will really help.

How many fresh students could earn the first HKD 1 million (10 % mortgage loan) even they want to buy a new apartment that costs HKD 8 millions ? If they could buy, they do not have to eat ? HK government mortgage scheme does not work ! Lam Cheng's Administration and Management do not work in any government. She does not have the abilities ! She keeps earn Hong Kongers' as her salary and benefits ! She should resign !

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