The Date Hong Kong Protesters Can’t Escape



Posted by Ed 25 days ago
The year 2047 is a deadline that has come to symbolize the end of the territory’s way of life.
HONG KONG—It was after one of the many pro-democracy protests here this year that the filmmaker Jevons Au, having been engulfed in tear gas, beaten with a police truncheon, and run for safety, began thinking, If Hong Kong is like this before 2047, what will it be like after 2047?

It is a question—and a date—that has hung over this city and its demonstrations these past several months. When Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997, the two countries agreed on a 50-year transition period in which its liberties would be maintained.
But as those freedoms have come under increasing threat from Beijing, including in the form of an extradition law that has triggered the worst political crisis in Hong Kong since the handover, 2047 has become more than just a distant deadline. It has come to symbolize the end of Hong Kong’s way of life and fundamental identity, the specter of its subsumption into mainland China. 


broussymark 25 days ago
Hey, yesterday I talked to some students in the streets. They told me that Pro-China schools require the students to sing the China anthem on Monday morning in HK. Actually many students do not like to sing it but the principals or teachers required the students to sing it loud. If they don't then they had have to sing it loud again, like a punishment. Brainwashed ? Isn't it ?

On June 4, every years - the Pro-China school principals must have the speech to tell HK students that the students were wrong on June 4. What is this ? Brainwashed ? Isn't it ? I have a question for these principals and teachers - Have you truly seen what happened on June 4 in Beijing ?

Do they really know what Xi has been doing ? There are a lot of mainland Chinese immigrants' comments against Xi and CCP. Back to the HK history, the principals and teachers in Hong Kong have never pushed the students to sing the British anthem.

zzebra 23 days ago

Please don’t beat around the bush and answer this question (to the best of your English writing skill with reasoning):

Can you please give me one specific example of political freedom which was enjoyed before 1997 but since deprived after the handover?

zzebra 23 days ago

Your silence to such a straight forward question is both deafening and embarrassing.

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