Chinese Troops are on the Streets



Posted by Ed 20 days ago
PLA soldiers sent onto streets of Hong Kong for first time since protests began – to help clear roadblocks near Kowloon Tong garrison 
We are edging closer to the nuclear option ... what happens if protesters have a go at them? 


Ed 20 days ago
Heeding online calls from some pro-establishment figures, hundreds of people dismantled barricades built with metal railings, bricks and other obstacles and placed them on pavements and in trucks near Hong Kong, Baptist, Chinese and Polytechnic universities. 
It's all good fun until someone gets hit in the head with a brick and killed...  oh right...  that's already happened
They clear the debris - risking their lives -- then the front liners trot out and toss all the rubble back on the road 
This is no solution - it only inflames the situation - and creates the conditions for civil war. 

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