Beijing condemns Hong Kong court ? It is a joke !



Posted by broussymark 27 days ago
China should follow and read clearly of Sino-British Joint Declaration rather than misjudging the Hong Kong Basic Law. Although China has repeatedly warned that it would not allow the city to spiral into total chaos, fueling concerns that Beijing might deploy troops or other security forces to quell the unrest. The protesters are not afraid of all threatening speeches.

“The Hong Kong government is trying very hard to put the situation under control,” China’s ambassador to Britain, Liu Xiaoming, said on Monday but also he should consider to request those officials to resign when Human Rights Acts will be passed next Tuesday. All people agreed that anyone who assist CCP and Hong Kong officials to mislead Hong Kong, they should be on the list of sanctions !

Beijing has so far backed Lam and the city’s police force, which has faced off with protesters in increasingly violent clashes. Who did use the violent attacks ? I guessed everyone would say HK Police force' instructed by CCP, Lam Cheng Administration, and Commissioner of Police !! We all people should request Germany which should not provide anything for China army training.

Beijing condemns Hong Kong court for overturning mask ban, says it ALONE has constitutional authority - read more :

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