SARS Returns to HK and China


Posted by Ed 40 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -    The Chinese health authorities have confirmed that the illness that was centred in Wuhan and has now spread to Hong Kong and Thailand is a new strain of the same SARS virus that devastated HK nearly twenty years ago.
To date 59 people have been infected in China with smaller numbers being identified with the virus in Hong Kong and Thailand.
The timing for this latest outbreak of this virus could not be worse as the tourism industry in Hong Kong is already reeling from the effects of the HK protests.   Should this virus become an epidemic the impact would be extremely damaging. 
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Ed 28 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) -  China has Confirmed that this Virus is being Transmitted Human to Human
  • Two members of a family were infected by another family member
  • Medical staff have been infected by patients they were treating 
As Chinese New Year approaches, and hundreds of millions of mainland Chinese head home to their home towns and villages, or overseas on vacation, the worst fears have been realized with respect to the new, and deadly, coronavirus strain that was first detected in Wuhan.
This has raised fears of a recurrence of the SARS epidemic that swept through the region in 2003 resulting in the deaths of nearly 800 people, mostly in HK.
With Hong Kong's economy already battered by a trade war, declining growth in China, and the HK protests, this virus represents a potential perfect storm hitting Hong Kong.
Tourists are already avoiding HK as if there was plague ravaging the city; if a real, and deadly, plague were to grip Hong Kong, the implications would be dire.
Read more on this story on Al Jazeera

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Ed 28 days ago

AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - The World Health Organization will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow in Geneva to decide if they will declare a global public health emergency due to the rapidly spreading SARS-like virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

Four people have now died from the virus which has been confirmed to be transmitted between humans.

The WHO has only used the "extraordinary event' label on rare occasions including during the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa, the Swine Flu infection in 2009, and the Zika pandemic.

With Hong Kong's tourism industry on life-support, if the WHO designates this virus as an extraordinary event, given the epicentre is just across the HK border in China, the implications for HK’s economy are ominous.


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Ed 27 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - The Centre for Disease Control Confirms First Coronavirus Case in America
The CDC has confirmed that the first case of coronavirus has been identified in a man in Washington State.   The individual recently travelled to Wuhan, China, ground zero for this rapidly spreading virus that has killed 6 people to date.   The patient is in stable condition.
The United States joins Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand as countries reporting infections.
For more on this development please visit the CDC website

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Ed 27 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - 9 Dead 440 Now Infected with SARS-like Virus
The Chinese Government has now confirmed additional deaths in the Wuhan area of Hubei province and many more coronavirus infections.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the general public take precautions including covering nose and mouth when sneezing, washing hands frequently, cooking all food thoroughly, and avoiding anyone exhibiting signs of respiratory distress.
UK newspaper The Independent has published a very useful precautionary guide for anyone who is traveling over the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday. 

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Ed 27 days ago
The coronavirus has surfaced in Hong Kong as a man arrived in the city on a train from Wuhan and tested positive for the virus.  He is currently in an isolation ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kowloon.
Read More on this story on the Reuters

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Ed 26 days ago
AsiaXPAT (Hong Kong) - Another Coronavirus Case Confirmed in HK - More Deaths
Authorities have confirmed a second person has tested positive for the SARS-like coronavirus in Hong Kong.  An 56-year-old man who had visited Wuhan recently and arrived in Hong Kong yesterday has been admitted to hospital and quarantined.
Another person who was travelling with family members also tested positive.   His family flew onwards to Manila and are being tracked down so that they can be tested as well.
The Chinese government now reports that the death toll from the coronavirus nearly doubled in a single day with reported deaths reaching 17 in total, up from 9 the previous day.   Over 570 people have contracted the virus.
The WHO has delayed its decision on whether or not to declare an international emergency.  There are grave implications for the global economy.  If the WHO errs on the side of safety then international travel will be impacted and the already troubled global economy would take a serious hit.   However if they do not declare and emergency, then the virus is likely to spread rapidly.
Read more on this  The Guardian.

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Ed 25 days ago
Update:   26 Dead.  892 Infections.
The Chinese New Year holiday is now underway.  'Chunyun' is the largest human migration event in the world with over 3 billion passenger journeys recorded each year.   
Airlines and trains both in China and throughout Asia are choked during this period as both mainland Chinese and Chinese living in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia are on the move visiting vacation hot spots.
The Wuhan flu is extremely virulent and without a doubt, there will be carriers entering countries over Chinese New Year and spreading the disease. 
New Zealand is one of many countries that does not have thermal screening in their airports reports the New Zealand Herald.     Nearly 500,000 mainland Chinese visit New Zealand each year.

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Ed 25 days ago
Update:  The HK Hospital Authority is reporting 236 suspected infections in Hong Kong with 66 new cases since Friday midnight to 8am.   119 people have been hospitalized.
This conflicts with the 2 acknowledged cases that had earlier been reported 

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Ed 24 days ago
Update -  Hospitals in China are reportedly turning away people infected with the coronavirus as wards are overflowing with sick people.   This video shows patients in the hallway of one hospital surrounded by what are apparently bodies of people who have died from the virus.

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Ed 24 days ago
UPDATE - Coronavirus Spreads 
Malaysia, Australia, Nepal, and Pakistan have now confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus.
In Malaysia, 3 Chinese nationals visiting the country have tested positive.
China has now confirmed 1200 cases of the virus but does anyone really believe that?  There are reports of sick people being turned away from hospitals - are there only 1200 hospital beds in a city over 11 million?  
More on the spread of the virus on Bloomberg News

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Ed 22 days ago
UPDATE -  81 Dead 2700+ Case Confirmed

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