UPDATE : More Airlines Cancels ALL Flights to China


Posted by Ed 2 mths ago
Reuters is reporting that British Airways, Swiss Air and Austrian Air have followed Lufthansa and Lion Air cancelling all flights to all destinations in and out of China.   Many other airlines including United, Air Canada, Finnair and Cathay Pacific have slashed flights to the mainland.
Airlines are continuing regularly scheduled flights to and from Hong Kong, for now.  

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Ed 59 days ago
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Ed 58 days ago
UPDATE:   United, American and Delta Airlines have all announced they are suspending their China flights - see The Verge for more 
Tourism accounts for nearly 12% of China's GDP (USD1.4 trillion dollars) and employs close to 30 million people according to Wikipedia 
It took over 6 months to get SARS under control, and that virus was primarily focused in Hong Kong and South China.   The coronavirus is widespread in China and more ominously it can be passed along from people who show no symptoms.
If this situation persists for 6 months or longer, the economic implications will be dire for the Chinese - and global economy. 

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