UPDATE - Riots in China as Hubei Lifts Restrictions


Posted by Ed 15 days ago
As expected, information is now leaking out of China regarding the claims of 'no new Wuhan Virus infections'.
A doctor in Wuhan claims that infection numbers were manipulated for Xi's recent visit.
Read More on the Japan Times 
Watch this epic battle on March 24 as a hospital tries to turn away someone who is suffering from the Wuhan Virus, in an effort to maintain their 'zero new case' record. 

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Ed 14 days ago
UPDATE - RTHK Confirms China is Lying
The CCP has claims that there have not been any recent local infections in Wuhan yet people in the city are stating this is a blatant lie. 
There are reports of sick people being rejected by hospitals without testing.
Read more on RTHK 

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Ed 12 days ago
Hubei Residents Riot After Quarantine Lifted -  Police Beaten - Police Cars Overturned
Hubei residents joined with their local police force to battle police from Jiangxi provide - who had set up roadblocks in an attempt to proevent Hubei residents from returning to work.
Interview confirming the riots were related to the Hubei Quarantine Lifting. 

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Ed 12 days ago
One has to wonder if the PR strategy of the CCP will be, in the event that they get a massive second wave of infections after partially opening Hubei, to blame other countries for re-infecting China.
'The amazing CCP and Mr Xi had saved China from the virus, but foreign countries are incompetent and now look at what has happened...' 

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Ed 11 days ago
UPDATE - China Riots - Bloomberg has more on this story

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Ed 11 days ago
UPDATE - More Evidence that the CCP is Lying
The Chinese government has been caught yet again lying about the number of Wuhan Virus deaths.
The Shanghaist has revealed that urns delivered to mortuaries in Wuhan far exceed the reported death toll.

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Ed 11 days ago

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Ed 9 days ago
UPDATE - China Re-Closes Cinemas 
After recently re-opening 600 of 70,000 cinema screens, the CCP has abruptly ordered all of them to close again.
This obviously indicates that China is nowhere near close to eliminating the Wuhan Virus. 
Read More on The Guardian  

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