Addicted to chemsex: 'It's a horror story'



Posted by Ed 11 days ago
Miguel was in the middle of a three-day sex and drug binge when he looked at Grindr and saw an advert asking for people to participate in a film about sex and drug binges. “I hooked up with a guy,” he says, “and then we contacted them.” Soon a cameraman was filming him injecting drugs.

And with that Miguel became one of the central storylines of the new documentary feature Chemsex. This is the first film to explore a gay subculture that’s recently found notoriety in the mainstream media after the NHS and the British Medical Journal identified it as a health priority.
And this comes almost a decade after chemsex caused some arguments in the gay community itself, inspiring sadness, attrition, blame and confusion.


Ed 11 days ago
Sex, drugs and dark times: Hong Kong gay men try to escape the dangerous lure of chemsex
Chemsex involves bingeing on drugs and having sex with multiple men. Drug availability and mobile apps make hooking up easy, but the risks include addiction, HIV and depression. We talk to victims and those trying to help

Ed 11 days ago
Western expats are turning Hong Kong into a drug and sex-fuelled den of debauchery
HONG Kong has always been a gateway city — for trading in the Orient and exploring the Pacific and beyond.

But these days the former colony provides another kind of trip for the 30,000 British expats who call it home.

The cramped island metropolis, with a population of 7.5million people, is awash with drugs, prostitution, and dirty money, placing it among the vice capitals of the world.

One young businessman told The Sun Online: "It's easier to get a hold of drugs than some groceries".

The culture shock for British youngsters landing in the tower-filled territory can be overwhelming.

Despite many being well-to-do middle-class graduates moving out for big money in the big city, it doesn't take long for some to get swept up in the grimy hedonism.

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