Doomed by Our Devices?



Posted by Ed 29 days ago
By Jeffrey J Arnett Ph.D. on June 24, 2019 in Adult Development Through the Lifespan
Are we too attached to our electronic worlds? Too often they distract us from real life, but they have lots of benefits, too.
There has been a lot of concern in recent years about the amount of time kids spend on their electronic devices. Some social scientists have made a cottage industry out of sowing moral panic on the topic, claiming media effects on everything from sexual behavior to suicide risk.
But it’s not just kids who are constantly tethered to their electronic lifeline. It’s us grown-ups, too. According to the Nielsen Total Audience Report, American adults now spend 11 hours per day engaged in some kind of electronic media use—mostly smartphones and other digital devices for younger adults, mostly television for older adults.
Should we be worried about how adults are affected?

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