Hong Kong’s Nightmare Scenario is Chinese Troops on Streets



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Chinese army’s Hong Kong chief says troops are ready to protect nation’s sovereignty
Commander of People’s Liberation Army’s Hong Kong garrison comments on Hong Kong for first time since protests against extradition bill began in June
Garrison releases three-minute video of anti-riot drills, featuring tanks
The chief of the Chinese military garrison in Hong Kong has spoken for the first time about the ongoing unrest in the city, warning that violent clashes would not be tolerated and that the army was determined to protect China’s sovereignty.
Chen Daoxiang, the commander of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA’s) Hong Kong garrison, made the warning at a reception in Hong Kong celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the Chinese military on Wednesday, when the garrison also released a promotional video that stated that troops stationed in the city were able to protect its long-term stability.
One of the scenes in the video features a soldier shouting in Cantonese during an anti-riot drill: “All consequences are at your own risk.” 


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Ed 46 days ago
Hong Kong bankers join call for citywide strike

Hundreds of workers at 34 banks joined calls for a citywide strike next week against the government’s handling of recent unrest which has rocked Hong Kong.


The finance staff added their voices to an umbrella group of 95 unions from the public and private sectors behind the action planned for Monday.


The appeal from the pro-democracy Confederation of Trade Unions (CTU) and staff from local banks, including international investment banks and Chinese state-owned banks, was also echoed by teachers and art groups.


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Ed 45 days ago
Andy Chan, founder of banned Hong Kong National Party, among eight arrested in raid, while family of three detained over smoke bombs in separate operation
  • Rowdy crowd gathers outside Sha Tin Police Station where they assumed Chan and those arrested with him were sent
  • Chan tells supporters not to be afraid of arrest, adding ‘there is no turning back’
Hong Kong police arrested the founder of a banned pro-independence group during a raid on an industrial building on Thursday while in a separate operation, a family of three was detained after dozens of smoke bombs were found in their home.
Andy Chan Ho-tin, founder of the outlawed Hong Kong National Party, was among eight arrested in Haribest Industrial Building on Au Pui Wan Street in Sha Tin.
 The group comprised seven men and a woman, detained over offences including possession of explosives without licence, possession of offensive weapons, and selling poisons without licence.

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Hong Kong’s Nightmare Scenario Is Chinese Troops on Streets
  • Once unthinkable, PLA intervention is now on analysts’ radars
  • It’s seen as a last resort given potentially dire consequences
It has suddenly become one of the biggest questions in Hong Kong: What will the Chinese military do? 

After eight weeks of increasingly violent unrest -- and more anti-government protests planned for this weekend -- anxiety is growing that Beijing might call in the People’s Liberation Army. China seems willing to at least feed the speculation with hints and signals, including the release of a video Wednesday showing troops practicing riot control.

While a military intervention appears remote, the possibility has set nerves on edge in the former British colony and prompted at least one investment bank to flag it as a risk. Since Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule 22 years ago, the PLA’s troops in the city have played a minimal role.
Should that change, the implications for both Hong Kong and China would be enormous.
The biggest fear for some is a repeat of the deadly crackdown that took place in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square three decades ago, potentially prompting the U.S. to withdraw special trade privileges for Hong Kong.
But even smaller-scale intervention could spark a knee-jerk exodus from the city’s financial markets, drag down property prices and prompt international companies to reconsider their presence in the territory, analysts say. 

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The Hong Kong protesters have turned militant and more strategic – and this unnerves Beijing
The past few weeks has seen a drastic escalation in violence on the streets of Hong Kong. On Tuesday night, a police officer aimed a shotgun at protesters who had gathered outside a police station, while a car launched fireworks into the crowd.

Days earlier, the police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters trying to reach the Chinese government’s office.

And the week before, following a protest of 430,000 people, vigilante thugs, dressed in white and carrying bamboo sticks, beat up democracy protesters at a train station.

This long summer of protests began in response to a proposed extradition bill just days after the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. But now, over eight weeks on, the protesters continue to take to the streets with a broader set of demands – and the confrontations with police are threatening to spiral out of control.
With reports of a build-up of Chinese forces on the Hong Kong border, and no end in sight to the demonstrations, many are now asking - how will this end?

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Staff of top accounting firms get ‘notices’ to join citywide strike
The anonymous notices sent via email and WhatsApp call on employees of KPMG, Deloitte, EY, and PwC to strike on Monday and “stand for Hong Kong”.
Unofficial company notices were circulated among staff of the “Big Four” accounting firms in Hong Kong on Friday, urging them to join the general strike planned on Monday to protest against the government’s handling of the recent unrest that has gripped the city.
Employees at KPMG, Deloitte, EY, and PwC received the notices from anonymous sources via email or WhatsApp.
Sources said employees at these companies have been receiving similar messages that used official company branding, format, colour and font, but have been sent without official authorisation.

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Four black-clad protesters near the Star Ferry pier have lowered the Chinese flag from its pole, removed it and thrown it into the harbour.

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Hong Kong students plan to boycott classes...

Some 89 per cent of respondents said they supported the boycott to force the government into fulfilling protesters’ demands, including an official withdrawal of the bill, and the appointment of an independent inquiry into police handling of the protests.


Of those who supported the action, 46 per cent said the boycott should last indefinitely, 28 per cent said it should span a week, a day or a month, while 24 per cent supported skipping classes for a day each week.


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A number of police officers were beaten and hospitalized last night.   Guns were drawn and warning shots fired.
There is plenty of oil on the fire now. 
So what are the potential outcomes?
1.  The government introduces emergency measures that calm the waters.   
However since the cost of living - particularly housing costs - is one of the key issues I fail to see how this can be addressed.    It's not as if hundreds of thousands of low cost public housing units could be constructed overnight.   And it is not possible to deflate existing prices to levels where people can afford something decent.
Don't see the waters being calmed....   the storm has been brewing since the 2014 protests ... and absolutely NOTHING was done to attempt to appease the masses.   In fact the government stood by watching billions of dollars from the mainland pour into the HK property market driving already unaffordable prices through the roof.
2.  The PLA is invited in and we effectively get martial law. 
That would completely collapse tourism - consumer spending would get crushed --- hotels, airlines, etc... would go bankrupt ...  the property market would implode ....the financial system would come into question ... HSBC is a much more dangerous animal than Lehman...
Keep in mind that the protesters have demonstrated their willingness to passively protest by refusing to report to work.   Martial law could stop the riots --- but they cannot force people to go to work.   
And the protesters appear to be ok with burning down their house...
I would be surprised if the PLA is sent in...  essentially that would be the nuclear option.
3.   If the PLA does not enter, and the protesters cannot be appeased...  then the protests will no doubt continue.    Rather than burning themselves out  they are intensifying....  and the majority of the people in Hong Kong support them -- including their acts of violence.
If the protests continue....  
That would completely collapse tourism - consumer spending would get crushed --- hotels, airlines, etc... would go bankrupt ... the property market would implode ....the financial system would come into question ... HSBC is a much more dangerous animal than Lehman...
Are we looking at a rare:

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