The history of Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong’s poorest district



Posted by Ed 23 days ago
Erin Chan Yeuk-hang, 21, a university graduate, has been living in the poorest district in Hong Kong since she was a toddler. Sham Shui Po is well known for its street markets, but just as iconic are its old residential blocks, some of them housing Hong Kong’s notorious subdivided flats.
Among the narrow streets, jam-packed stores and musty computer arcades lie a cornucopia of electronic gems for gadget lovers.
But Sham Shui Po’s status as an accessories hub also brought unwanted attention when on August 6, Baptist University student union president Keith Fong Chung-yin was cornered by officers at a flea market and found in possession of 10 laser pointers, items commonly available at stalls along Apliu Street.


Ed 23 days ago

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