Jonathan Zeman steps out of father’s shadow



Posted by Ed 12 days ago

A little bit of nonsense.

That’s how Jonathan Zeman, the 39-year-old son of business tycoon Allan Zeman, described a recent court ruling that the Ladies Night promotion offered by many operators of bars and disco clubs in Hong Kong is discriminatory.

The district court has ruled that a disco bar in Mong Kok violated the Sex Discrimination Ordinance by charging different entrance fees for male and female guests, with the former being charged much more.

Bar operators, however, vowed to continue with the Ladies Night tradition, although they will also consider introducing Gentlemen’s Night to appease complaining male guests.

The practice of offering free entrance or charging nominal fees to female guests during certain nights of the week is meant to attract more business.

The idea is that if more girls come to a bar, more boys will patronize the place.

Zeman, however, said the court ruling will not affect the family business. 

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