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Posted by Ed 36 days ago


broussymark 36 days ago
I guess many people may want to join these protests.

Ed 36 days ago
A word of caution for anyone considering joining...   as far as I know none of the above have received authorization from the HK government so anyone attending can be arrested for being involved in an illegal assembly.
I was at the protests in CWB and Mongkok on Sunday for a story that we'll publish shortly and 3 teenagers who I assume were international school students approached me and asked if I thought it would be ok for them to cross the police tape to get closer to see what was happening.... (two young girls had been grabbed and were being held behind the line)
I informed that if they did not have a press pass and very clearly designated as press they risk being arrested even if they were outside of the tape.
They seemed to think this was a big adventure asking me if I thought the cops would f$#k them up.   I told them that if they went over the line that they would almost certainly be arrested.
This is not a game.  The police are ferocious.   Being an expat does not get you a get out of jail card.  

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