Beware of Scams on HK Classifieds Sites

Posted by RR 9 mths ago
  • Do not transact with anyone who is using Paypal, Western Union, etc.
  • Always test appliances and electronics before paying for them
  • Do no transact with anyone who is not physically located in Hong Kong
  • Always inspect goods before paying for them
  • If you see suspicious behaviour, please copy the ad and email it to

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RR 9 mths ago
Over the years our team has strived to keep scammers from accessing our website, but there are still some who slip past our security measures.

So we've set-up this platform to inform users of how these scams are carried out.
  • Overseas
Some scammers may pretend to be interested in purchasing your item, but they will mention that they are currently working overseas and has a courier company that can pick up the item swiftly so you won't have to worry about sending the item to them.
If this is what you've encountered, then please send our team an email to report this scam.
  • Bank Payments/ Wire transfers
Some scammers will pretend to send you money as proof of purchasing your item and you will receive a seemingly believable email from a bank/wire transfer company with your details. In order for the so-called payment to come through, they will ask you to send some money to cover the wire transfer fee.
If this is what you've encountered, then please send our team an email to report this scam.
  • Whatsapp
Some scammers will contact you directly via Whastapp if you have provided your number on your ad and pretend to be interested in purchasing your item. But they are located Overseas and will arrange payment by Bank/Wire Transfer as mentioned in the first 2 point above.
If this is what you've encountered, then please send our team an email to report this scam. 
  • Defective Products
Some scammers would post defective appliances/gadgets on the website. When you test these items, the products appear to be in good working condition. After a few days the item will stop working.
If this is what you've encountered, then please send our team an email to report this scam.
  • Fraud
Some users will post items on our site and provide you with incorrect contact information and/or address on purpose.
If this is what you've encountered, then please send our team an email to report this scam.
If your experience was different from the abovementioned examples, please feel free to list them here to keep all our users informed!
The AsiaXPAT Team 

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Ed 9 mths ago
In recent weeks, we have experienced a huge increase in scam activity on the AsiaXPAT classifieds channel. 
We attribute this to the Covid crisis.   Huge numbers of people in poor countries, many with IT skills, have no work and are locked down.   
They are desperate and without a doubt some of them are turning to one of the few options that they have to make money.  
Please be sure to read the information above carefully and follow the instructions to ensure you do not get ensnared in one of these scams.

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euro4christ 9 mths ago
Thank you for the information

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alphakappa 5 mths ago
To be specific - 9148 3965 - scam, quite elaborate at that.

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spham 3 mths ago
Beware of the two scammers below, I received messages from both of them for some Indigo furniture I was selling, they seem to be targeting ads that are selling high value items, because scammer #2 also contacted my friend who was also selling Indigo stuff. Details are below:

+60 11-6225 0253 "Ms Veronika Maxim"
+44 7497 811946 "G"

They started the message thread in the same manner, with 3 texts, like so:

First scammer ( +60 11-6225 0253)
Hello there Ms
I hope your Indigo Living Bookcase and Tv unit is still available for sale out now?
I’m interested

Second scammer (+44 7497 811946):
Hey there mate
Do you still have your Indigo Living Bookcase and Tv unit for sale out now
I'm interested

First scammer asked for more photos, once they were sent 4 text messages as follows:
Great I can see right here in the pic you sent me that the item is still at it’s best condition
Please note
Actually I’m Ms Veronica from Indonesia
But I will arrange for a moving company that will come for these item pick up once the item money has been fully settled to you
I hope you can understand that?

After that I blocked and reported the number. Did the same with the second scammer immediately.

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terryyip 54 days ago
i've got the message from this person/machine --> Second scammer (+44 7497 811946):

asked for all items i'm selling, ,, details, prices, photos....etc...etc... saying they would be paying and get relocating company to come pick things alot of bullshits..

anyways, blocked this number in the end. hope nobody gets cheated by these....

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laughingtoro 44 days ago
i've got the whatsapp message from this person George (+44 7497 811946), he said he is now in Mainland China with his son and he needs tons of furniture in HONG KONG for relocation. He even can call a moving company the next day noon in order to move all furniture.

Then he sent me a WESBANCO bank email, that I need to settle the payment collection by paying HKD3879.

He even called me but I didn't answer.


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supersonic34 32 days ago

Attempt was made today to try and buy/collect some used footwear from me. Please be on lookout for caller named GEORGE (+44 7497 811946). He kept asking if I received an SMS from his mover/delivery person which is unusual to begin with.


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head88 32 days ago

GEORGE (+44 7497 811946) this is scammer
ask me to click WESBANCO bank email to collect wire transfer money.

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Stephystephy 30 days ago
LOTS of SCAM on asiaxpat and time wasters . BEWARE

+44 7497 811946 George still active and pretending to be interested in my goods and offer to send courier

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akast 10 days ago
Watch out for ‘George Petkov’, using a U.K. phone number. +44 7497 811946. Offered to take everything with our flat clearance. Then sent a clearly fake link for me to pay Crown for the pick-up ( the fake Crown agent email address), saying he would pay me back in cash the next morning! Reported to police.

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JustGlenn 6 days ago
Has anyone fall for the scammer from +447497811946. My friend have fall to his trap and trying to file a police report. If there is more victim, police can take the report more seriously. The scam is about the scammer using +447497811946 as phone number and the Wesbankco banking details. My friend is in serious trouble walking into its trap.

Many thanks

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laughingtoro 5 days ago
Another US telephone no: 1-(718)-721-4686, Name: Ms Judith Ann Naylor. She said she is from Ukraine.

Again the same trick, She won't be able to come for the stuff pick up herself. But she will arrange for a moving company that will come for it's pick up after all the necessary payments for it has been settled to you in full.

Please be alert to this phone no.

Another SCAM !!!!

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semorane 1 day ago
I found out that I dealt with a scammer today:

Name : Judith Ann Naylor today.
Phone Number : +1-778-721-4686
Location : Ukraine

She approached me with WhatsApp for my ad selling Dining Table and asked me for my bank information & email address and name.
I provided all the good photos of my products in different angles.

Right after sending my personal information, I found out that it was a scam.
What is going to be the impact on this and am I supposed to be concerned about anything like hacking stuff?

Can you all advise what the consequences could be?


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