desperate homeowners slash prices by 20



Posted by Ed 42 days ago
  • Market observer says Tuesday’s violence prompted sellers to lower prices
  • Overall property transactions in Hong Kong fell 14 per cent month on month to a three-year low of HK$36.4 billion in September, according to Midland Realty
There are signs of further softening in Hong Kong’s property market. Homeowners are slashing prices by more than 20 per cent as buyers are reluctant to commit to big purchases and banks reduce the valuation of properties amid increasingly violent protests.
On Tuesday, an 18-year-old student was shot by police in Tsuen Wan. Tsang Chi-kin was one of many injured in the violence that spread across the city, as thousands took to the streets as part of demonstrations on National Day.
“[Homeowners] want to cash in and think holding cash would be safer,” said Fanny Chiu, chief senior sales manager at Hong Kong Property (Services), adding that Tuesday’s violence had “definitely” prompted sellers to slash prices.

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