How Gillette Severely Damaged their Brand



Posted by Ed 41 days ago
For Men, Gillette Is No Longer The Best A Brand Can Get
One might recall the 2017 Pepsi TV commercial featuring Kendall Jenner, with its unconvincing ad referring to the Black Lives Matter Movement. It was flip, inconsistent, and incredulous. Following intense criticism and backlash Pepsi Cola pulled the ad and had to apologize for it.

Now, another storm is brewing on social media over Gillette’s new commercial, which wades unconvincingly and condescendingly into the #MeToo conversation.
P&G acquired Gillette for $57 billion almost 14 years ago to the day this year. What seemed to be a brilliant move, buying a high-margin, market-dominant brand, this soured quickly as grooming habits changed and competition intensified.
The biggest threat came from Dollar Shave Club, a direct-to-consumer start-up with great appeal for Millennials. It ships its customers a month worth of razors for just $1, a deep discount tin comparison to Gillette’s price.
In the new commercial from Grey, Gillette, a company which made billions of dollars from men for over a century, disparages every one of those very same men. The brand clumsily attempts to contemporize its long-lasting slogan, “The Best a Man Can Get”, by featuring sinister males bullying and harassing – an action which Gillette describes as "toxic” masculinity.
The ad is amateurishly stereotypical and mostly offers a caricature of masculinity. 


Ed 41 days ago

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