When Reality Becomes Fiction


Posted by Ed 3 mths ago

I can’t wrap my head around what happened at WeWork. It simply makes no sense. There has to be more to the story. Below is one (conspiracy) theory about the story of We. I have no evidence this happened, but also no evidence it didn’t. Regardless, it would make for an awesome Season 8 of Homeland.

Homeland, Season 8

A Japanese industrialist (Masa Moon) develops a friendship with an economist (Heather) helping his firm (HardBank) identify geographies and sectors ripe for investment. They develop a friendship over their shared interest in Ming Dynasty paintings inspired by the Southern Song painting academy.

Two years into their partnership, she informs him she works within a division of the CIA tasked with corporate espionage centered on nations that pose a threat to Western democracies. She asks Mr. Moon if he’d provide cover for agents under the auspices of working for his portfolio firms. He refuses, and is visibly shaken that their friendship may have been a sham, and that he was being “groomed.”

Seven months later, his texts and emails to Heather go unanswered. He emails that he hopes they can maintain their friendship and sends several high-res images of paintings from the Zhejiang School, commenting on the technical virtuosity of the ink-wash style. No response.

Five weeks later he is in DC for a conference on sustainable investing. After his speech, a man approaches him backstage. He sports a Tommy Bahama shirt, Washington Nationals hat, and a large beer belly.

“Mr. Moon, my name is Alex Rassey. I work at the CIA.” Gazing down at his shirt, he smiles. “Spies never look like spies. I worked with Heather. She was on assignment in Riyadh, where we believe she was abducted and killed. We have little information about the circumstances of her disappearance. A period of time has lapsed since last contact and, per agency guidelines, we are having a ceremony for her. I can take you to the ceremony if you’d like.”

Numb, Mr. Moon travels with the agent in a nondescript Chevy Cruze to the event. There is a table with pictures and mementos of Heather’s life. Among them is a framed textile of a Qing Dynasty painting. Mr. Moon is overcome with emotion at the prospect that his and Heather’s relationship was, at least partially, real. On the way to the airport, Mr. Moon tells the agent he’d like to honor his friend and support her operation. Over the following months, CIA analysts develop a plan. They brief Mr. Moon.


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