What’s Behind the Subprime Consumer Loan Implosion?


Posted by Ed 56 days ago
Subprime loan default levels in the United States are surpassing levels at the time of the global financial crisis:


Ed 54 days ago

Global Recovery Derailed As World Trade Plunges Again, Recovery Hopes Fade For 2020 

New data via the CPB World Trade Monitor suggests the world is in a deflationary mess where global trade is decelerating, and there's nothing, at the moment, that global central banks can do as their printing presses are powerless.

Global trade volumes fell 1.3% in September MoM, after a .50% expansion in August, indicating that the global economy continues to decelerate into the late year.


The data implies that even though "trade optimism" and record central bank money printing has boosted risk assets, the real economies around the world continue to deteriorate.


"While news about the negotiations between the US and China is mixed at best, trade remains subdued," said Timme Spakman, an economist at ING, who spoke with the Financial Times.


Global trade on a YoY basis contracted by 1.1% in September, marking the fourth consecutive YoY declines and the most extended period of subdued trade since the financial crisis in 2009.


Ed 54 days ago

Bill Gross spoke with Financial Times US markets editor Jennifer Ablan. Gross laid it all out for her, warning that 2020 could be a sluggish year for financial assets as fiscal and monetary stimulus becomes ineffective, or as he put it: the stimulus is losing its "oomph."

Gross is echoing what central bankers and government officials in many G7 countries are warning about at the moment: the stimulus isn't working as a synchronized global slowdown continues to gain momentum.

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