An Insatiable Collector’s South of France Vacation Home



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This 18th-century bastide—a country house, neither château nor castle—is the perfect stage for a Parisian entrepreneur and father of three’s enviable art and objects.
 As the owner of this alluring house tucked away in a leafy corner of Provence tells it, discovering the property—while on a springtime holiday with his family in 2005—was simple fate. "We had been looking at another home [in the area] to buy for some time, and after much back and forth, the owner finally called and said we could have it." Almost without thinking, he told the seller they had found something else, "which we hadn’t, but it just didn’t feel right." The very next week in Provence, his wife saw an ad at the local bakery for their current house. "We came, fell in love, and bought it—the place chose us."

An 18th-century bastide, it is a sizable country house, neither château nor castle. And when they first discovered it, it comprised three rather awkward staircases, nine bedrooms, and seven bathrooms. "We wanted to keep things as they were," the owner says of the residence, which had previously been in the same family for a few centuries. The house had lost some of its original spirit over time, and the current owner sought to bring it back to its earlier state.

“We didn’t change any of the room dispositions, but we wanted to find the original 18th-century colors," he says. That meant a highly specific gray-blue for the shutters—based on the color of the front door—beige-pink exterior walls, and a deep blue for all of the interior doors. Furthermore, he wanted to add red, so he applied a wall of wide stripes in the hue. Though it wasn't part of the master plan, all of the shades he selected are present in the entrance hall's original terrazzo floor.


Ed 2 mths ago

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