10 Books to Ramp Up Your Intellect


Posted by Ed 51 days ago

There is a rule in my household. If anyone wants to read a book, for any reason, I will buy it.

Society have this false belief that education ends after receiving a formal, professional degree. It is absurd.
There is no endpoint for mastering the human psyche. You don't get public recognition for understanding why you screamed at someone questioning your morals. You don't get a cake for untangling a knot in a friendship, only to cherish and enjoy each other's company again.
Maybe you should.

Books, and talking about them, is one of the best ways to continually increase your intelligence and wisdom. If these lofty goals are uninteresting, just lose yourself in a state of flow for hours.

Recharge your batteries. Appreciate exotic landscapes. Fall in love with characters and safely wrestle with their foreign perspectives.

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