opioid withdrawal symptoms

Posted by afsah 2 mths ago
hi all

my brother was adusing capsules called spasmo proxyvon which are brought to.hk from.india they contain 10 g dicylclomine pandadol and 50g tremadol. bcoz of lockdown he add to cutt off these capsules cold turkly then he started having sever ipiod withdrawal symptoms and is.now admitted to.Kwai.Chung Hospital. he has also.been.taking tremadol capsules prescribed or otherwise he would take 2 intead of 1 at a time so now he is.also.intorlent to tremadol.

my question is if anyonw.has.gone through this can you recommend what.would.be the.next stemp.after he.is.discharged from the.hospittal? i have spoken to sarda.org which.is.a.treatment and a rehabilitation department for drugs shall he.admit there or.kwai chug hospital also has rehabilitation would that be better.for him thanks.for yr suggestions

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