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Thursday, 11/27/2014

Dentist recommendation

POSTED BY cammy1 (7 yrs ago)
Yes a great dentist is Dr M Smith in Central, English speaking, the phone no is 25262383
#1 POSTED BY arlina (7 yrs ago)
try Dr.Polly Kwan, in Wan Chai. It cost $300 for dental cleaning.
#2 POSTED BY Goloh (7 yrs ago)
Did anyone try Dr M Smith, and if so what was the result?
#3 POSTED BY Kmom (7 yrs ago)
Dr. Raymond Lee Room 402, Hing Wai Building, 36 Queen's Rd. Central, HK +85225211663
#4 POSTED BY D.D.S. (7 yrs ago)
Ha, it is those names again. Mike Smith, Raymond Lee ( actually he is from Pacific Dental Care ). These are the dentists who advertised here and you can find their names in the directory here under " dentists". Usually, the ones who have their names in this directory are being recommended the most. What a coincidence!!!!
#5 POSTED BY Ruth in Canada (7 yrs ago)
Advertisers get first billing on asiaxpat.com
#6 POSTED BY flokhk (7 yrs ago)
Does anyone know where Dr. Polly Kwan's clinic is in Wan chai please? Cheers!
#7 POSTED BY tobeysmom (7 yrs ago)
I'm trying to find a good dentist as well, used to go to Dr Costello, but they are no longer practicing and will just "manage" their clinic. They have the RUDEST receptionist (Elaine or something), so I don't plan to go back anymore...
#8 POSTED BY arlina (6 yrs ago)
Hi Fllyhk, sorry was out of town for a while, here is Dr. Polly Kwan, 28917768

just ask the receptionist for address.
#9 POSTED BY fushingbayloo (6 yrs ago)
I was a patient of Mike Smith for more than 5 years. Text me if you'd like more information.
#10 POSTED BY novaau (6 yrs ago)
I would highly recommand my dentist Dr.Cheong.He is a very good one, in terms of knowledge, technique and service. However, his charges are reasonable. They welcome patients to enquire the charges beforehand. Dr. Cheong removed my wisdom teeth only charged me $1200 with check up and x-ray etc. Teeth cleaning only charge $220 and crown is about $2100.

Here is his #3514-6252. Dr. Cheong Yun Lung--dental surgeon. and the address is Shop 107,Hoi Lai Shopping Centre, Hoi Lai Estate, Lai Chi Kok,Kowloon, Hong Kong. Last time i saw him was half years ago,I think he is still at that location.

#11 POSTED BY sarahjames (6 yrs ago)
Raymond Lee's practise will not give any prices over the phone - a good Dentist will give you the costs or an estimate on the phone. Don't like the idea of going along then being wacked with a huge bill. Suggest you only use a Dentist that will give you the costs before hand and avoid those that tell you come in for the consulatation then we will tell you.
#12 POSTED BY LS4 (6 yrs ago)
Whole family has been seeing Dr Raymond Lee for over 2 years now and can honestly say he is definately a good and caring dentist. In my opinion it works both ways in seeing a dentist for a consultation first.

1. Most important, I want to see what type of person is going to be caring for my teeth- if I can't communicate and get along with him, theres no way I'm going to let him touch my teeth as its the only set I've got!

2. I’m asking for an opinion to know what needs to be done on my teeth and whether there are other alternatives. I went to a previous dentist also mentioned on this website who looked at my teeth and said I need a root canal treatment and false crown on top because my teeth looked 'fragile' with a crack line in it- I went to Dr Lee who showed me pictures of my teeth and said all I needed was a filling at the moment bcos the crack line was only superfical.

You could go around shopping for prices, but you don’t know what your getting and whether you really need it in the first place, so I’m willing to pay for a small consultation fee first- and if I don't like the person, then I don't get my teeth done by them- thats what I did with the last dentist anyway- saved me loads of $$$$ and I'm sure alot of pain!.

#13 POSTED BY bears (6 yrs ago)
I read with interest all the comments made above especially since I have used Dr Lee services over the years, as his wife is an Orthodontist at his practices who treated my children. I really don't know why such a fuss is made about his receptionist not being able to give a quote over the phone. Several of my friends use them and are usually given an estimate ifpossible, same as anyother dental practices. Whats the big deal having an advert on the site as well?I really think its unlikley many dr/dentist will over charge someone above the going rate in Hk , as we all know Hk is based on recommendations. But also in HK you get the service you pay for, and we have been very happy to pay for our dental work at the practice both from himself and his wife dr louisa wong as they have always been extremely competant and have a wonderful child friendliness about them.
#14 POSTED BY micks (6 yrs ago)
Been to Dr Lee for years , especially with children as he has a way of reassuring children, we are happy with service
#15 POSTED BY makulit (4 yrs ago)
today i been to Dr. Cheung in Lai Chi Kok Dental Clinic for the first time. I will definitely recommend him if someone needs a dental help. He is a very friendly person and accomodating.

I found out about him here in asiaxpat and i was thankful to the person who recommend Dr. Cheung.

Before i went to his clinic i was expecting that he will put a crown on my broken front tooth but what he only did is just put a filling which is really nice and just look the same as before.

Thank you very much Dr. Cheung and I will always go back to your place when it's needed and recommend you to my friends too!
#16 POSTED BY *V* (4 yrs ago)
Try Bayley & Jackson in Central - there is a group of dentists there. I see Dr Wor Lam but I find all of the dentists there are very good (have seen other dentists there few time when Dr Lam was away). 2526-1061
#17 POSTED BY chrish75 (4 yrs ago)
After reading about Dr Raymond Lee on this site I went to see him last Tuesday

because I'd broken a piece of tooth the previous evening. The receptionist

wouldn't give me a price over the phone but said the consultation would be $500.

Dr Lee looked at my tooth and took an x-ray. He said I needed root canal or a crown but I explained I didn't want to do that and could he just

fill it for now. He said he could and that I wouldn't need any pain relief as

it wouldn't need drilling. He told me it would only be temperary and wouldn't

be guaranteed! The bill for his services came to $2150!!

$500 consultation, $250 for the X-Ray and a $1400 for the filling. It pays to ask the price before going ahead with the treatment!
#18 POSTED BY Starsun (4 yrs ago)
I chipped my old veneer front tooth and have been trying to find a dentist in HK to do a veneer again. I have been "shopping" around the price ranges from HK$ 9800 in Central to HK$ 4500 in Kowloon for one single veneer excluding consultation. I almosted fainted. Sorry I didn't expect to be that expensive in HK. I am new to HK.

After reading the thread here I called Dr Raymond's office and the receptionist refused to quote the price. She would only tell me the consultation fee is HK$ 500 and doctor will tell me the price after checking my teeth. She won't even give me a rough range. I actually don't need doctor to tell me what he needs to do with my chipped tooth as I had done that before. Yes I echo Chrish75. Check the price before you go. Otherwise you may end up paying HK$ 9000 for one single veneer and your insurance won't even cover.

I am still looking for a good caring dentist whose price is reasonable. I don't mind where he is located Central or Kowloon or New Territory. Would appreciate any recommendation. Thank you.

#19 POSTED BY fukshugut (4 yrs ago)
What’s the big deal???- so they didn’t tell you the cost over the phone, but you weren’t willing to pay for the consultation charge to see whether you really can place another veneer on or not as you think you’re the dentist- ohh please- don’t be so cheap, there’s a reason why people go to university and study for xxx years to become a dentist/doctor. Don’t shop around for the cheapest price as sometimes, you get what you pay for.

Then again I use to go to a dentist in Coda Plaza that’s left now- can’t remember his name, - paid $12k per veener for a‘Hollywood smile’ and that was over 6 years ago, so your quotes for Central sound ok.

#20 POSTED BY reei (3 yrs ago)
Went to dr cheong's clinic today he was not there and my daughter saw dr Liu. He filled all the holes in my daughter's baby teeth , all 6 costs hkd1700 while others in central , Mongkok , cwb , admiralty are asking for hkd6000 to hkd20,000. It pays to ask around . Thank you for recommendation to dr cheung

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